Chapter 8

Managing Up

In This Chapter

arrow Strengthening your relationship with your boss

arrow Adding value by going beyond your job description

arrow Avoiding common mistakes when you’re managing up

If you’re an introvert, you may find it difficult to get the recognition you deserve in the workplace. There’s a chance that your boss overlooks you even when you’re doing a stellar job, because the office extroverts tend to steal the spotlight.

So what’s the solution? A technique called managing up. This method is a great way to show your quiet power, and it fits right in with your introverted nature.

Managing up enables you to make a strong impression on your manager and put yourself on the fast track to a raise or promotion. In addition, it empowers you to gain the trust and respect of others, so they’ll be more willing to hear what you have to say.

Managing up has two key elements: Getting in sync with your manager, and redefining your role to make yourself more valuable. In this chapter, I tell you the secrets for doing both. And because managing up has its pitfalls, I also spell out the mistakes to avoid. Last but not least, I tell you how to make managing up a habit.

The First Step in Managing ...

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