Chapter 9

Moving On: Acing a Job Interview the Introvert Way

In This Chapter

arrow Assessing your interview strengths and challenges

arrow Getting yourself ready for interview day

arrow Succeeding in phone and face-to-face interviews

arrow Determining whether a company is right for you

arrow Moving forward from rejection or job offer

arrow Examining your career goals

Think of all the things that drive you crazy as an introvert: Meeting a lot of strangers, being the center of attention, multitasking, small talk, high-pressure situations, and having to “sell” yourself. Now, roll them all together, and what do you have? A typical job interview!

Job interviews aren’t fun for most people, but they can be extra challenging for introverts because they push a lot of innie buttons. However, it may surprise you to discover that innies have some big advantages when it comes to impressing interviewers.

In this chapter, I ...

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