Part III

Finding Personal Happiness as an “Innie”

pt_tip_bw.eps Five Ways to Improve Communication with an Extroverted Partner

check.png When your extrovert is talking, let your interest show on your face and in your voice. Smile, lean in to the conversation, and express enthusiasm with phrases like “No way — he really did that?” or “That’s amazing!”

check.png Cut your outie partner a little slack when it comes to small talk. It’s important to him, so pretend like you’re interested even when you aren’t!

check.png If your partner is itching to share his news but you need a little time to charge your battery before a long conversation, be honest but sensitive. For example, say, “I really want to hear about that, but can you give me a few minutes to clear my head and get dinner started? Then we can sit down with a glass of wine, and you can tell me all about it.”

check.png When you get on a roll about one of your favorite topics, watch your partner’s body language. If he looks confused, sketch out some of your ...

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