Chapter 11

Being Your Personal Best

In This Chapter

arrow Becoming kinder to yourself

arrow Saying no to pessimism and catastrophic thinking

arrow Coping successfully with life problems and stress

arrow Welcoming new friends into your life

For me, the greatest reward of being a psychologist is helping people realize their full potential. And that’s what this chapter is all about: removing the roadblocks that can stand in the way of the life you want.

Changing your life for the better starts with changing your beliefs and behaviors. Healthy thinking paired with healthy behaviors and choices leads to deepening peace, joy, and satisfaction. And over time, it allows you to create opportunities to build relationships with people you truly like, do work that you enjoy, and make your unique mark in the world.

In this chapter, I offer my best advice for achieving your full personal potential. The techniques in this chapter are ones I use myself and teach my clients, and they’re scientifically validated so you can have faith that they’re effective.

At the beginning of the chapter, I provide powerful tools ...

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