Part IV

Supporting Introverts

pt_tip_bw.eps Five Ways to Help Your Introverted Young Child Make Friends

check.png Start scheduling play dates when your child is very young. Set up one-on-one play dates instead of large group ones, and notice which kids your child likes the most so you can invite those children frequently.

check.png Look for community activities that match your child’s interests. For example, if your introverted son loves gardening, locate a community garden where little kids can help with the harvesting.

check.png Plan events that take advantage of your child’s interests and skills. For example, if your child loves horses and she’s a skilled rider, ask whether she wants to invite a couple of schoolmates for a horseback ride. When she’s in a setting where she’s knowledgeable and confident, she’ll be more likely to relax.

check.png Come up with a signal your child can send you if she’s getting overwhelmed at a social activity but may not know how to tell her friends. When you see that signal, step in and ...

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