Successful Grants Program Management

Book description

As school districts struggle with decentralized management, the need to coordinate grant proposal development has grown dramatically. This indispensable resource contains all the practical tools that districts need to manage cross-curricular proposals for all their schools. It describes the key elements of a successful grants system, explains the legal, ethical, and financial requirements of grantseeking programs, and offers worksheets and checklists to help organize every aspect of grants promotion and administration. Grants expert David Bauer shares sound advice and such important instruments as:

  • A planning matrix for refining goals and objectives

  • A systems analysis spreadsheet for reviewing budget and staff resources

  • A step-by-step outline for developing a grants procedure manual

This comprehensive guide also shows how to provide grantseekers with computer-based research tools. Timely and practical, Successful Grants Program Management focuses on the district's role in winning corporate, federal, and foundation grants.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. List of Figures
  6. Introduction
  7. The Author
  8. Chapter 1: The District's Role in Resource Development
    1. The Grants Office Versus the Resource-Development Office
  9. Chapter 2: Coordinating the District's Grantseeking Efforts
    1. Developing District Grants Booklets
  10. Chapter 3: Developing Your School's Ability to Create Grant-Winning Solutions
    1. Grant Idea Generation System
    2. Developing Fundable Solutions
  11. Chapter 4: Promoting Understanding of the Funding Process
    1. The Grants Marketplace Quiz
    2. The Grantseekers' Matrix
    3. The Government Grantseekers' Matrix
    4. The Foundation Grantseekers' Matrix
    5. Corporate Grantseekers' Matrix
    6. Service Clubs and Organizations Grantseekers' Matrix
  12. Chapter 5: Helping Your Grantseekers Search the Grants Marketplace
    1. Developing Your District's Grants Library
    2. Developing a List of Key Search Words
    3. Searching for Government Grants
    4. Foundation Research Tools
    5. Corporate Research Tools
    6. Obtaining Corporate Grants from Companies in Your Community
    7. Obtaining Grants from Service Clubs and Organizations
    8. Other Research Tools
  13. Chapter 6: Developing a Proactive Grants System
    1. Using Volunteers Effectively
    2. Webbing and Linkages
    3. The District Grants Office's Role in Coordinating Preproposal Contact with Grantors
    4. How to Contact Government Grantors
    5. Contacting Foundation Funding Sources
    6. How to Contact Corporate Grantors
    7. The Grantor Strategy Worksheet
  14. Chapter 7: Moving from Idea to Project Plan
    1. The Project Planner
    2. Objectives
    3. Completing a Project Planner
    4. Involving Corporate Volunteers
    5. Project Planner Examples
    6. Using the Project Planner for Budgeting
    7. Grants Office Time Line
  15. Chapter 8: Creating Winning Corporate and Foundation Proposals
    1. The Letter Proposal
    2. Evaluating the Letter Proposal
    3. Submitting the Proposal
  16. Chapter 9: Assisting in the Development of Federal Proposals
    1. Proposal Abstract or Summary
    2. The Needs Statement
    3. Plan of Operation
    4. Key Personnel
    5. Budget and Cost-Effectiveness
    6. Evaluation
    7. Adequacy of Resources
    8. Assurances
    9. Attachments
  17. Chapter 10: Improving the Quality of Federal Grants Applications
    1. Submittal
  18. Chapter 11: Administering Federal and Private Grant Funds
    1. Federal Grantor Contact After Proposal Submission
    2. Foundation or Corporate Grantor Contact After Proposal Submission
    3. Dealing with Rejection or Acceptance
  19. Chapter 12: Getting More People Involved in the Grants Process
  20. Chapter 13: Supporting Planning and Resource Development
    1. Planning
    2. Influencing Legislation
  21. Chapter 14: Evaluating and Improving Your District's Grants Effort
    1. What Exists Now
    2. What Could Be
    3. The Solution
  22. Bibliography
    1. Federal Government Grant Resources
    2. Foundation Grant Resources
    3. Corporate Grant Resources
    4. Government, Foundation, and Corporate Grant Resources
    5. Computer Research Services

Product information

  • Title: Successful Grants Program Management
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 1999
  • Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass
  • ISBN: 9780787950392