Truth 16

“Cultivating Positive Emotions to Optimize Health and Well-Being,” by Barbara Fredrickson, Prevention & Treatment, Volume 3.

“Why It’s So Hard to Be Fair,” by Joel Brockner, Harvard Business Review, March 2006.

Truth 32

“It’s Not a Fair Fight If You’re the CEO,” by Marshall Goldsmith, Fast Company, December 2004.

Truth 37

The Power of Appreciative Inquiry: A Practical Guide to Positive Change, by Diana Whitney and Amanda Trosten-Bloom, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., San Francisco, 2003.

Truth 42

“Let’s Hear It for B Players,” by Thomas J. DeLong and Vineeta Vijayaraghavan, Harvard Business Review, June 2003.

Truth 50

“Sparking Creativity at Ferrari,” by Gardiner Morse, Harvard Business Review, April 2006.

“The ...

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