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Successful Selling for Small Business: What It Takes and How to Do It

Book Description

Every new business owner and aspiring entrepreneur will face one common challenge as they set out on their exciting journey - SALES; finding the right customers and getting them to part with their cash and buy. Like anything in life, you can do this the hard way or the easy way. You can delay, procrastinate, and wait for the telephone to ring or for business to come through the door. It may happen, but then again it may not! Alternatively, you can take control and get proactive - get selling and get SALES. In a cluttered, noisy marketplace, it's not necessarily about the best, newest or most exciting product in town; it's much more about connecting with the right customers, getting your message across with clarity and pizzazz and then helping people to take action with you and buy. Otherwise, stalemate, stagnation or decline - no sales, no customers, no business! Successful Selling for Small Business will: - help you 'get' sales; - help you develop a logical, 'can-do' approach to selling which fits your values, your business, you; - give you a sales habit or process for life, not just a quick fix; - demystify the selling process and remove any negative myths or perceptions; - help you grow your business and achieve your personal goals and ambitions. Successful Selling for Small Businesses is a straight-talking, jargon-free book which will help you get sales easily, effectively and ethically! No tricks, no gimmicks, no con jobs!