Identifying Different SPARC CPUs

You can use Table 11-1 to find which SPARC CPU each machine has. In some cases, the CPU MHz shown is the actual clock rate rather than the nominal one used in product literature. Some UltraSPARC systems use a programmable clock generator that goes up in steps of 8 MHz; hence, 248 MHz is used rather than 250 MHz.

Table 11-1. Which SPARC IU and FPU Does Your System Have?
System (Kernel Architecture) CPU MHz CPU Type
Sun-4/110 and Sun4/150 (sun4) 14 Fujitsu MB86901
Sun-4/260 and Sun4/280 (sun4) 16 Fujitsu MB86901
SPARCserver 300 series (sun4) 25 Cypress 601
SPARCserver 400 series (sun4) 33 Cypress 601
SPARCstation 1 and SLC (sun4c) 20 LSI/Fujisu L64911
SPARCstation 1+ and IPC (sun4c) 25 LSI/Fujitsu L64911
Tadpole ...

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