Super Agent: Real Estate Success At The Highest Level

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"Super Agent is the best and most comprehensive book I've read on what real estate agents do, how to do it, and why. The Callaways explain where to find buyers and sellers and how to work with them, what activities are most productive, budgeting funds when building a business, the necessity of strong affiliate relationships, loyalty considerations, social media and advertising that works, developing a strong referral network and much more. This is a book that every real estate agent should own."

—Marge Lindsay, West USA Realty, Past President of the Arizona Association of Realtors

"In the course of reading Super Agent, I realized that after 10 years of my own real estate career, I am one of those agents who has become distracted by the next "shiny object." Super Agent lays out all the fundamentals you really need to focus on to become the "Super Agents" that the Callaways are today. As Joseph says after each chapter, "You can do this!" And you know what? After 10 years in the business and reading this book, I am now saying, "Yes I can!"

—Richie Laser, REALTOR, President and CEO, Follow Up Results

Reading Super Agent is like spending a day with two of the most successful real estate agents in America. Joseph and JoAnn Callaway sell 300 to 500 high-end homes per year. Now they share the secrets of their incredible success. Based on those Callaways' core concepts of honesty, competence, and caring, Super Agent is filled with practical, money-making advice that will turn beginner and veteran real estate agent alike into a Super Agent.

Every chapter is a lesson in the fundamentals of listing and selling more real, including:

  • The five superpowers that make you a super agent

  • The secrets of super time management, how best to use assistants, and how to run a super team

  • The two quick fixes that can double your income overnight without so much as one new client

  • With tested tips and tactics and a unique and positive approach, Super Agent will inspire and propel you to build a steady stream of buyers and sellers, get more listings, and close more deals.

    Table of contents

    1. Cover Page
    2. Praise for Super Agent
    3. Praise for Clients First
    4. Title Page
    5. Copyright
    6. Dedication
    7. Queries in Prelims
    8. Contents
    9. Acknowledgments
    10. Authors' Note
    11. Part I: Be a Super Agent
      1. Chapter 1: Who Wants to Be a Super Agent?
        1. Super Rewards
        2. Super Profession
        3. Super Opportunity
        4. Dismal Statistics
        5. Holding You Back
        6. The Three Ds
        7. Decision
        8. Drive
        9. Determination
      2. Chapter 2: The Five SuperPowers of a Super Agent
        1. The First Superpower
        2. The Second Superpower
        3. The Third Superpower
        4. The Fourth Superpower
        5. The Fifth Superpower
      3. Chapter 3: Starting Out Fast
        1. Choices
        2. Basic Requirements
        3. Your One Purpose
        4. What to Do Now
        5. Scripts
        6. Circle of Influence
        7. Open House for Beginners
      4. Chapter 4: Keep Your Golden Ticket
        1. Rule One—It's All in the Contract
        2. Rule Two—Be the Source of the Source
        3. Rule Three—It Is Always Up to the Client
        4. Rule Four—Obedience Must Be Legal
        5. Rule Five—Disclose Early, Disclose Often
        6. Respect What You Do
      5. Chapter 5: Everything You Need to Know about Working with Buyers
        1. The Empowered Client
        2. The Three Cares about your Buyer
        3. Finding Property
        4. Showing Property
        5. Keep Showing Property
        6. Three Showings a Day
        7. The Little Things
        8. Hot Buttons
      6. Chapter 6: Everything You Need to Know about Working with Sellers
        1. Listers Last
        2. The Three Cares About Your Seller
        3. The Listing Appointment
        4. The Magic Question
        5. Make the Home Appealing
        6. Make the Home Available
        7. Make the Home Famous
        8. Communicate with Your Seller
        9. Finding the Right Price
        10. Be There at the End
        11. Patience
      7. Chapter 7: The ABCs of Making a Deal
        1. The Three Secret Ingredients to Making a Deal
        2. Tips on Turning Simple into Easy
        3. Write Offers That Win Acceptance
        4. Get the House
        5. Presenting Offers to Your Seller
        6. Always Counter?
      8. Chapter 8: Contract to Closing
        1. Escrow
        2. A Super Agent's Role
        3. Representing the Seller
        4. Representing the Buyer
        5. Dual Agency
        6. Anticipation and Expectations
        7. Assistance
      9. Chapter 9: Keeping Your Client after the Sale
        1. Better than Social Security
        2. Build a Database
        3. Return on Investment
        4. The Early Days
        5. Sentiments
        6. Closing Gifts
        7. Staying in Touch
    12. Part II: Super Lead Generation
      1. Chapter 10: A Steady Stream of Buyers and Sellers
        1. Referrals and Recommendations
        2. Marta's Mission
        3. Investing in Yourself
        4. A Plan and a Budget
        5. Consistency
        6. Lead Generation
        7. Evolution and You
        8. Mindset
        9. It's up to You
        10. Only Your Time
      2. Chapter 11: Prospecting
        1. Cold Calling
        2. Prospecting without Knowing
        3. Excitement
        4. Opportunity
        5. Targeting
        6. Methods
      3. Chapter 12: Open Houses
        1. A Bad Idea
        2. It Does Snow in July
        3. A Wonderful Opportunity
        4. Preparation
        5. What You Need to Know
        6. Know the House
        7. Know the Neighborhood
        8. Know the Competition
        9. I'm Here. Now What?
        10. Showing the Home
        11. Picking up Clients
        12. Keep It Honest
        13. Urgency
      4. Chapter 13: Marketing
        1. Only Two Things to Decide
        2. Stay Connected
        3. The Mediums
        4. The Message and the Rules
        5. Measure Results
      5. Chapter 14: Farming
        1. The Legend of the Cranberry
        2. Our First Farm
        3. Market Share
        4. Geographic Advantages and Economies of Scale
        5. Expanding
        6. Frequency
        7. Demographic Farming
        8. Innovation
        9. All That We Do
        10. Planning
      6. Chapter 15: Being Digital
        1. Promises, Promises
        2. Promises Fulfilled
        3. Websites
        4. Aggregators
        5. Conversion Ratio
        6. Drip, Drip, Drip
        7. Blogging
        8. Social Media
        9. Digital Equivalents
      7. Chapter 16: Branding
        1. Your Name
        2. Taglines
        3. Your Look
        4. Massive Action
        5. Consistency
        6. Be an Expert
        7. What to Do
        8. Be the News
        9. The Cumulative Effect
    13. Part III: Super Time Management
      1. Chapter 17: Time Is More Than Money
        1. Money Is a Problem
        2. Time Is a Problem
        3. Hunger
        4. What Are You Hungry For?
        5. Buy Time
        6. Manage Your Energy
        7. Get Off the Treadmill
        8. What to Do Next
      2. Chapter 18: Allies, Affiliates, and Vendors
        1. Other Agents
        2. Title and Escrow
        3. Affiliate Power
        4. Your Preferred Lender
        5. Vendors
        6. Loyalty
        7. You Cannot Succeed Alone
      3. Chapter 19: Getting Help
        1. Unlikely to Change
        2. You Are an Assistant
        3. Don't Call an Assistant an Assistant
        4. Simple Mission Statements
        5. Systems
        6. Delegate It
        7. Don't Give It Away
        8. Reports
      4. Chapter 20: Partnering with Another Agent
        1. Marriage
        2. Partnership Plusses
        3. Partnership Power
        4. Written Agreement
        5. Strengths and Weaknesses
        6. Division of Labor
        7. Dissolution
      5. Chapter 21: Teaming Up
        1. Brokers Employ Agents
        2. A Simple Team
        3. A Rainmaker Team
        4. The Structured Team
        5. Is a Team for You?
      6. Chapter 22: The Super Team
        1. Do Not Finish This Book
        2. The Client Wheel
        3. The Super Team
        4. The Client Experience
        5. Client Ownership
        6. Cutting the Cord
        7. Selling the Handoff
        8. The Agent Experience
        9. Super Team Challenges
      7. Chapter 23: A Super Life
        1. Work
        2. Family
        3. Health
        4. Wealth
        5. Investment
        6. Insurance
        7. Retirement
        8. Give
        9. Give Back
    14. Appendix A: Doing the Most Good: The Salvation Army
    15. Appendix B: Real Estate Wednesdays
    16. About the Authors

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    • Title: Super Agent: Real Estate Success At The Highest Level
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: April 2014
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9781118834251