4 Keep Your Golden Ticket

First, be a good agent.

Every day the rules get broken and bad things happen. I had an instructor at a continuing education class begin his session by posing a question. He asked, “What is the one way to practice safe real estate?” After a short barrage of unacceptable answers he said, “No. The only way to practice safe real estate is abstinence.”

After the class, JoAnn turned in her car seat to face me and said, “He's right, you know.” She was really quite alarmed. I told her not to worry because I always tell JoAnn not to worry but it hung in the air all the way home. In the end we agreed that renewal classes were something you had to take followed by a period of withdrawal symptoms. We would have to recommit to being good agents and do a lot of knocking on wood.

Over the years we've come up with five magic rules to a spotless record. We know real estate is not practiced the same in every state and you have to learn what applies in your jurisdiction but these rules are universal and unchanging. They have become ingrained in our team and us and they have served us well. Read them carefully. Return to them after an alarming class or seminar. While there is no way to predict what may come out of the woodwork, these will keep you 99 percent safe. They will allow you to first be a good agent.

Our first managing broker was Marge Lindsey and we saw her often. Sometimes we called her but more often she called us. Were it not for her tutelage and guidance we ...

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