5 Everything You Need to Know about Working with Buyers

We talk about buyers and sellers as if they were two separate species, but the truth is every transaction has one of each and buyers are often selling their prior home and sellers are often buying their next one. When we differentiate between buyers and sellers we are really talking about two distinct and opposite sets of emotions existing within one host.

A buyer, therefore, is a client or prospective client who is currently experiencing buyer emotions. They have only one goal and that is to obtain the object of their desire. They covet, want, and become self-absorbed in their quest for accomplishing their goal. Because they are the source of the funds they feel a sense of importance. Without their demand, supply would have no value and yet, they suffer a sense of futility and a fear of failure. Because they do not purchase a home often, the process can be intimidating; but with the advances of technology, buyer clients are experiencing a new emotion—empowerment.

The Empowered Client

Home ownership boomed in the United States after World War II as the GI Bill and the baby boom gave birth to the suburbs and the American dream became a reality for millions. With this explosion came the empowered real estate agent and the Multiple Listing Service. Up to that time agents would represent a list of properties and buyers would have to go from agent to agent to look at what that agent had. The MLS, as the Multiple Listing Service ...

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