6 Everything You Need to Know about Working with Sellers

Sellers are clients experiencing a different set of emotions than buyers. Sellers are more difficult to work with than buyers because the have performance expectations. It is your job to get the home sold and every day you carry that burden until it closes.

Unlike the buyer who has little to lose financially if unsuccessful, the seller is consumed with the dollars. A seller has expenses. A seller more often than not has a loan and carrying costs. If they have already moved, a vacant home can become relatively expensive. Time is not on a seller's side. They feel pressures. A super agent seeks to understand.

A seller is also much more attuned to the market. To get sold they must compete against what else is on the market. They swing between fear and greed. In a rising market, a seller wants to squeeze every last penny out of the deal. In a depressed market a seller worries that they won't be able to sell. In a flat market, they don't know what to feel so their moods swing day to day.

Listers Last

Although some seller's try selling the home themselves, most feel they need help. They are looking for an agent and, when they find one, they are willing to enter into a listing agreement. Having a listing creates contractual loyalty. For this reason, agents who expect to last concentrate on sellers.

Sellers also take less time than buyers because sellers are not sitting next to you in your car. A seller may take as little as an hour ...

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