16 Branding

I can do that, too. I can give you your own website, too. I can put you on that tour, too. I can cut my commission, too. We can all do this. We can all do that. Why don't we all get together and form a real estate union so people can just call up and order an agent from the union hall? We are, after all, interchangeable robots with the same few hours of education and a license from our state agency. Sound silly? Just look around you.

Listen to what people are saying. “I need an agent for the paperwork,” as if any agent will do. “I wasn't sold yet, so I switched agents,” as if we were like socks with plenty more in the drawer. “I'm trying to decide who to give the commission to,” as if our earnings were an undeserved gift. No wonder new agents get asked to cut commission all the time. If you are not a valued professional, you are a commodity, and the only way to be a valuable professional is to be a brand.

A brand sets you apart, makes you unique, and insures that you get paid what you ask.

Your Name

When JoAnn and I got our first listing, we needed to run an ad. I looked in the newspaper. It still had classifieds back then and I scanned the pages for ideas. There were several agent couples working our area at that time and they all used “The” preceding their last names. There were “The Johnsons” and “The Hamptons” and some others that all looked similar. I bounced around a few possibilities and came up with “Those Callaways.” It stuck. In fact, it was sticky. People ...

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