22 The Super Team

We've moved to Any City, USA and we want to know who does real estate here like you did when you sold our home.” This a familiar phone call to us.

“My husband and I have sold 13 or 14 homes over our lifetimes and we have never had it handled this way before.” We've heard a variant of this many times.

“My dad explained how you guys are different, so who do I see next?” This is a new client referral from an old client.

“Okay, JoAnn. You can stop calling me now.” This was our favorite turnaround, a negotiator of defense contracts whose previous real estate agents, as he perceived them, did not communicate with him once the listing was signed.

Do Not Finish This Book

If you are satisfied so far, if you are a solo agent, happily partnered, or a member of a team as described up to now, if you are excited to implement all the super secrets and gain all the superpowers described to this point, stop here and do not finish this book.

This may sound crazy. We just went through 21 chapters in which a super agent makes more money and does a better job for the client. But now we are going to talk about a different approach, a super team, and on a super team everything gets turned upside down and backwards. A super team is the answer to the reality of a changing market.

In Chapter 5, we talked about the fact that clients are empowered today. They have all the information. Empowered clients even have plenty of resources to interpret this information. These clients do not wish ...

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