Using superconducting DC cables to improve the efficiency of electricity transmission and distribution (T&D) networks

An overview

C.E. Bruzek1, A. Allais2, K. Allweins3, D. Dickson4, N. Lallouet5,  and E. Marzahn3     1Nexans France, Clichy Cedex, France     2Nexans France, Lyon Cedex, France     3Nexans Deutschland GmbH, Hannover, Germany     4Nexans France, Lens Cedex, France     5Nexans France, Calais Cedex, France


It has been a quarter of a century since the discovery of superconducting materials known as “high-temperature superconductors” (HTS) in 1986 by Bednorz and Mueller. HTS materials have opened up new options for direct current (DC) power cable applications. This chapter first describes the different key components for DC superconducting ...

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