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Praise for Superpower!

Title Page


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Part 1: Where Are You Now?

Chapter 1: Unlocking Your Superpowers

The Big Question: How Do You Unlock Your Superpowers?

Get Started

Take a Snapshot of Yourself


Chapter 2: Creating the Success Mind-Set

“I Can”

Chapter 3: The Power of Prosperity Consciousness

What Is Prosperity?

What Is Your Relationship with Money?

Getting Better All the Time

Chapter 4: Blinding Flash of the Obvious

Harnessing the Common Sense Superpower: A True Story

Record Your Ideas!

Job Security Does Not Exist

Part 2: Where Do You Want to Go?

Chapter 5: Success Footprints

Chapter 6: Add Value . . . Increase Success

Add Value, Make a Profit

An Exercise to Develop and Increase Your Value

Chapter 7: Ideas and Solutions Out of Thin Air

Innovation and Creativity

Your Creativity Quotient

Capture Your Thoughts


Idea Mapping and Mind Mapping

The SCAMPER Technique


Another Useful Technique: Use Analogy Thinking

Childlike Perspective

An Attitude of Wonder


Chapter 8: Critical Thinking Tactics

Make Better Decisions

Part 3: How Are You Going to Get There?

Chapter 9: Tuning In to Your Instinct and Intuition

Chapter 10: Are You Making It Too Hard?

Enjoy the Ride

Chapter 11: Multitasking or Delusion?

Learned “ADD”

Is Multitasking Worth Dying For?

One Thing at a Time

Status Issues

Zipping in and Out of Parking Spaces

Don't Ding!

Managing Interruptions

Staying Focused Is a Superpower

Chapter 12: Your Massive Momentum ...

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