accommodating negotiation style, 207

adjudication, 140-141

ADR (alternative dispute resolution), types of, 138-141

advocacy approach, defined, 194

affiliate joint ventures, 181

aggregate planning, explained, 15-16

agile supply chains

characteristics of, 230-231

efficient supply chains versus, 231-232

explained, 222-226, 229-235

future of, 243

in lean supply chain management, 315-316

principles of, 231

strategies for, 232-235


described, 222-226

global supply chains and, 237-239

S&OP (sales and operations planning) and, 242

supply chain synchronization and, 240-241

agreement negotiation. See negotiation

AI (artificial intelligence), 219

aligning resources

academic perspective, 186-187

contingency planning for growth, 189-190

future ...

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