Chapter 4. Introducing Debug Tool and Debug Tool Utilities & Advanced Functions 65
This member must be customized to reflect the actual terminal ID to be used in the debugging
session. The name of this member also can be customized to reflect the intention of its use.
When specifying the TEST runtime option on a JCL PARM there are dependencies on what is
the language of the program’s main entry point:
򐂰 For C/C++ and PL/I, the PARM should start with the runtime options and have a slash (/)
before the program parameters.
򐂰 For COBOL, the PARM should start with the program parameters and have a slash before
the runtime options.
The user can specify RPTOPTS(ON) in the JCL PARM to have the runtime options report
generated. This report lists all runtime options that were in effect when the program was
For CICS, the user can use the Language Environment provided CICS transaction CLER to
have runtime options displayed on the terminal, as shown in Figure 4-9.
Figure 4-9 Transaction CLER used to display runtime options
4.1.5 Special files
There are four special files used by Debug Tool in full-screen mode:
򐂰 Save file (INSPSAFE)
This file, if allocated by the user, is used by Debug Tool to save the sizes of panels, colors,
PF keys setting, and so forth, between debugging sessions. CICS does not support this
򐂰 Preference file (INSPPREF)
This file contains Debug Tool commands used to customize the debugging session. The
information about the user’s preference file is passed to Debug Tool by specifying it in the
TEST runtime option.

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