Chapter 9. Application Performance Analyzer: settings and customization 159
Application Performance Analyzer is now able to identify any program or CICS transaction
belonging to the TRADER application. The information displayed by Application Performance
Analyzer will be if:
򐂰 Program name is TRADERB: Trader Batch VSAM
򐂰 Program name is TRADERD: Trader Batch DB2
򐂰 Program name is TRADERI: Trader Batch IMS
򐂰 Program name is MYTRAD*: Trader CICS
򐂰 Transaction name is TDB2 or TDB3: Trader Application
A sample is shown in Figure 9-2.
Figure 9-2 Customized DPA: illustration
9.4 APA and DB2 Universal Database
The following tasks are only required if we want Application Performance Analyzer to gather
the necessary data to report plan and package BIND timestamps or if we want to use the
Dynamic DB2 EXPLAIN facility.
9.4.1 Binding a DB2 package and plan
To bind the DB2 UDB package and plan:
1. Edit and customize member CAZBIND in our hlq.SCAZSAMP library.
2. The default package name used CAZPACK1. We can change this name to match our site
3. The default plan name used is CAZPLAN1. We can change this name to match our site
Repeat these BIND operations if we are binding this plan to multiple DB2 subsystems.
9.4.2 Enabling DB2 EXPLAIN - creating a PLAN_TABLE
To use dynamic EXPLAIN with the Application Performance Analyzer, the APA started tasks
must have access to a PLAN_TABLE.
1. Edit and submit job CAZPLANT in hlq.SCAZSAMP to create a PLAN_TABLE.
2. The qualifier for this PLAN_TABLE defaults to the authorization ID of the started task.
9.4.3 Providing DB2 authorization
The authorization ID of the started task must have SYSADM authority if we want to use the
DB2 EXPLAIN feature.
Note: The CREATE statement in job CAZPLANT is in the 49-column format compatible
with DB2 Version 6. The 51-column format (for DB2 Version 7) and the 58-column format
for (DB2 Version 8) can be used instead, but the EXPLAIN feature will only make use of
the first 49 columns when reporting the results of an EXPLAIN.

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