Appendix A

Case Study: Membrane/Amine Hybrid Grissik Gas Plant [13], Sumatra, Indonesia

A.1 Introduction

ConocoPhillips operates the Grissik Gas Plant (Figure A.1) on behalf of its partners:

Figure A.1 Grissik gas plant.

Talisman Energy



Design basis:

Gas feed: 310 MMscfd

CO2 concentrations:

Inlet: 30%

Outlet: 3%

A.2 Process Overview

The CO2 removal process uses a membrane/adsorption hybrid process.

The hybrid process relies on:

Membrane separation

Amine adsorption

A simplified process flow diagram is shown in Figure A.2.

Figure A.2 Grissik process flow diagram.

The thermal swing adsorption (TSA) unit:

Removes heavy hydrocarbons ...

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