1The Role of Microfinance in Women Empowerment: Global Sustainable Perspectives in the Case of Vietnam

This study analyzes the impact of microfinance (MF) on women empowerment in the context of Vietnam. Our analysis is based on the examination of primary data obtained from the MF organizations and women’s unions in the Tra Vinh province in Vietnam. We interviewed managers from various organizations at district levels to know their insights on how MF services have been made available to female borrowers and to find out the extent to which access to financing through MF products has helped them to develop their economic independence and to strengthen their role in their household and community. This study offers evidence on the positive role played by MF in the empowerment of women and also highlights the importance of economic, feminist and legal factors in the process. The main research findings point out the benefits offered by MF services not only in the context of short-term economic goals for poor women, but also in the long term with regard to improving women’s role so that they become economically more independent and contribute to government planning of sustainable developmental goals.

1.1. Introduction

Microfinance (MF) tools have been used quite successfully in economic development among disadvantaged social classes that are characterized by high levels of poverty, economic inequality, and social discrimination. In particular, microfinance institutions (MFIs) have ...

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