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About the book series vii
Editorial board ix
Foreword by Günther Oettinger xxiii
Foreword by Fiona Hall xxv
Author’s preface xxvii
About the author xxix
About the contributors xxxi
Acknowledgements xxiii
Conventions xxxv
The importance of sustainable energy policies for Europe an introduction 1
Rainer Hinrichs-Rahlwes
1 Climate change: The challenge to be met 1
2 Climate negotiations: Stagnation for years 2
3 Renewable energy: The solution at hand 3
4 European Union: Frontrunners on their way 3
5 Scenarios and visions: Towards a post-2020 framework 5
6 Facilitating the paradigm shift towards renewable energy 5
Section I The European climate and energy policy framework 7
1. Introducing a groundbreaking legislative framework 9
Rainer Hinrichs-Rahlwes
1.1 How today’s policy framework was developed 9
1.2 How the framework was refined and implemented 10
1.3 Which questions are to be addressed and answered 11
2. From cradle to adult life: European climate and energy policies until 2007 13
Christine Lins
2.1 The beginnings of community support for renewable energy 13
2.2 The first community support programmes 13
2.3 The promotion of renewable energy as central pillar in the fight against
climate change 14
2.4 The break-through: The 1997 white paper being the first legislative element
on renewable energy in the EU 14
2.5 The campaign for take-off 16
2.6 Legislation for renewable energy use in the electricity and transport sector
as well as for buildings 17
2.6.1 The RES-electricity Directive 17
2.6.2 Legislation on biofuels 19
2.6.3 Directive on the promotion of energy performance of buildings 19
2.7 Renewables heating & cooling: The missing link 20

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