At Last, Some Good News
Dale and Hank took ownership of deploying the key performance
indicator (KPI) boards. By the end of the rst week, Hank had
Maintenanceinstall all of them in the right places.
e following week I had a meeting for all managers. “I’m sure youve
all seen the KPI boards that have gone up in your areas. By now, each of
you has already been keeping track of certain data and documenting that
data on charts.
Are there any supervisors not reviewing their people’s charts?” ere
were no hands, but a few people avoided my gaze.
All right, something to take forward from here. From now on, we all
tell the truth, good or bad. I’m not going to tell you that there won’t be
repercussions if it’s serious enough, but I will tell you that the repercus-
sions will be a lot lighter if you tell the truth. Just so we’re on the same
track,” I continued, “if you know the truth, but don’t tell it, it’s the same as
telling a lie. Understood?”
ere were head nods around the room, but I went around the room,
manager by manager, until everyone had agreed they understood.
“Let me ask again. Is any supervisor not reviewing their subordinates’
charts?” is time there were ve hands.
I turned to my sta, “Please take note and make sure that those folks get
the appropriate help.
“Has everyone seen my board?” I asked.
Most hands went up, but there were a few that did not. “Please,
Iimplored, “make a point to visit mine and see what the company measures
are and how we’re doing against each. I guarantee that your people are
looking, because I see them. If they ask you questions, I want you to be
able to answer them.

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