List of Figures

Figure 1.1 The legacy of 30 years of commercial nuclear power in the United States including 30 years of fission products that are of little value and sufficient stockpiled fissionable fuel to continue to produce electrical power at the same rate for another 4350 years. 5
Figure 1.2 Typical composition of oil. 18
Figure 1.3 Year 2000 oil flow in million barrels per day. 19
Figure 1.4 Historic US oil prices. 20
Figure 1.5 US imports of petroleum. 20
Figure 1.6 World oil reserves by region. Estimates of Canadian reserves by Oil & Gas Journal in 2003 are much higher than previous years—they likely include easily recovered oil sands. 21
Figure 1.7 US Energy consumption by source. 22
Figure 1.8 Estimate of US energy reserves. ...

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