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Sustaining Executive Performance: How the New Self-Management Drives Innovation, Leadership, and a More Resilient World

Book Description

Thousands of executives have discovered a powerful truth: the best way to improve your performance is to improve your health and well being. Now, top executive coach Steven MacGregor helps you leverage this truth in your life and your business.

MacGregor brings together breakthrough insights and techniques he's honed through seven years pioneering the internationally-renowned Sustaining Executive Performance (SEP) program, and working with hundreds of leading executives worldwide. In Sustaining Executive Performance, he reveals the profound connections between living a more sustainable, happy, and productive life and improving your organization on metrics ranging from innovation to resilience.

MacGregor addresses core business themes including design thinking, continuous innovation, and corporate social responsibility. Next, he shows how to apply all five elements of the SEP program in your own life: MOVE, RECOVER, FOCUS, FUEL, and TRAIN. Finally, he offers specific guidance for changing your own habits in areas ranging from sleep to meetings and communication.

Throughout you'll find interviews with leading executives and experts. Each interview offers specific takeaways you can use to become a more effective leader — and a more fulfilled human being.

Table of Contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Praise for Sustaining Executive Performance
  5. Dedication Page
  6. Contents
  7. Foreword
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. About the Author
  10. 1. Stronger, Faster, Smarter
    1. The Ancient Greek Virtue of the Scholar-Athlete
    2. Rock Stars Don’t Trash Hotel Rooms Anymore
    3. Developing the Whole Person
  11. 2. The New Lanark Mills
    1. The Triple Lens of Sustainability
    2. A Modern, Broader Understanding of Sustainability
    3. Leading the Sustainable Self
  12. 3. Design Your Life
    1. What Is Design?
    2. Design to Disrupt Education
    3. Design for Management Education
    4. Designing a Better World
    5. Design Your Life
  13. 4. Day-to-Day Reengineering
    1. Sweat the Small Stuff
    2. The Modern, “Successful” Executive and the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Busyness
    3. Day-to-Day Reengineering
    4. Reflecting on Behavior Change
  14. 5. The New Self-Management
    1. Managing the Physical Self
    2. Gaining an Outside-In View
    3. Taking Responsibility for the Self and Society
    4. Applying Good Thinking Across the Triple Lens
    5. Hacking Habits
    6. More Sophisticated Tracking
    7. From the Managed Self to the Quantified Self
    8. The Sustaining Executive Performance (SEP) Model
    9. Toward the Sustainable Leader
  15. 6. MOVE
    1. The First Law of SEP
    2. Escaping Sedentary Traps in the Workplace
    3. Hydrafit
    4. Designing Our Environment for Health, Well-Being, and Performance
    5. Top Ten Takeaways: MOVE
  16. 7. On the Changing Patterns of Mobility Worldwide
    1. Mega City One
    2. An Advancing Society?
    3. Power in Our Hands (Well, Feet)
    4. Walkonomics
    5. Cyclability and Lead Users
  17. 8. RECOVER
    1. The Universal Law of Stress and Recovery
    2. A Key Professional Skill
    3. Finding Your Own Rhythm
    4. Recover Like a Professional
    5. Top Ten Takeaways: RECOVER
  18. 9. On the Criticality of Resilience for Our Future World
    1. Learning to Change Ahead of the Survival Imperative
    2. Dealing with Disruption
    3. Inspiring Futures
  19. 10. FOCUS
    1. Addicted to Distraction
    2. Attention Economics
    3. Positive Switching
    4. Mindful or Mindless?
    5. Decision Fatigue
    6. Top Ten Takeaways: FOCUS
  20. 11. On Building a Systematic, Continuous Innovation Capability
    1. Innovation Metrics
    2. Operationalizing Innovation
  21. 12. FUEL
    1. How We Eat
    2. When We Eat
    3. What We Eat
    4. Top Ten Takeaways: FUEL
  22. 13. On the Systematic Change Required in the Global Food System
    1. What Is Good for Us Is Good for the Planet
    2. An Insatiable, Unsustainable Present
    3. Toward a New Modern System
  23. 14. TRAIN
    1. Look for Aerobic Intensity
    2. Develop Your Core
    3. The Art of Training I: Balancing ON and OFF
    4. The Art of Training II: The Power of Positive Practice
    5. The Art of Training III: Finding Flow
    6. Top Ten Takeaways: TRAIN
  24. 15. On Learning and Development for Organizational Transformation
  25. 16. Leading Change in the Triple Lens of Sustainability
    1. The 4S Model—Small, Specific, Supported, Shared
    2. 4Ps: Passion, Practice, Performance, Progress
    3. Locking-in Change
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    16. Chapter 16
  27. Index