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SVG for Web Developers

Book Description

  • Smoothly manage resizable, interactive, visual Web content with SVG—Scalable Vector Graphics

  • Learn SVG programming quickly and effectively, using classroom-proven techniques

  • Extend your XML and Web development skills with this exciting, dynamic new technology

  • The perfect introduction to serious SVG programming.

    Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a powerful, XML-based language for describing two-dimensional graphics. Web developers will find many compelling features in SVG, including low-bandwidth images that scale without loss of resolution; customizable, dynamic, data-driven content; animation; interactivity via languages such as JavaScript, Java, and Visual Basic; and more. As a text-based format, SVG files can be understood by humans, edited with text editors, and even indexed online by search engines.

    The major Web browsers promise native SVG support in the near future, so now's the time to catch up with this emerging technology. Developing SVG-based Web Applications, by Web development authority Ellen Pearlman and graphic artist/Web designer Lorien House, teaches you to produce top-notch content without losing you in extraneous details. Coverage includes the effective use of color, gradients, and other effects, and how to tie it all together with CSS. You'll also learn how to add dynamic elements to your site, including animation and interactivity, as well as how to use SVG effectively with drawing, database, and other software. Complete with plenty of practical, classroom-tested examples to work through, you'll find Developing SVG-based Web Applications both approachable and informative.

    You'll learn to:

  • Design attractive, professional-grade Web sites using SVG

  • Employ dynamic images and data-driven content for truly impressive presentations

  • Harness a new Web standard that promises dynamic levels of interactivity