Chapter 5

Operating on Data

In This Chapter

arrow Using a playground to check syntax

arrow Getting a high-level view of arithmetic operators

arrow Exploring Swift's Boolean operators

Actions, the subject of this part of the book, are the heart of apps. At the heart of actions, are operators — the symbols that act directly on objects or values. Although actions are the heart of apps, you may or may not use them directly. When you’re using a framework such as Cocoa or Cocoa Touch, the classes in that framework perform many actions for you — it’s the framework’s code that invokes the actions that use the operators described in this part of the book.

Some apps live totally in the world of the frameworks with their generic operations to manage data and interface elements whereas others rely directly on their own actions to work with their custom data and interface elements. The specifics of your app — as well as your experience and programming style — determine which of these two approaches you’ll use.

Don’t worry: It’s quite possible to get far in the world of Cocoa and Cocoa Touch apps without touching the topics in this chapter. However, when you need them, they’re here. For now, browse over this ...

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