CHAPTER 2A Swift Sandbox in the Cloud

When Apple made the Swift language open source on, they also made available an Ubuntu Linux version of the language for binary download. IBM responded by announcing the IBM Swift Sandbox (, which is a website that developers can visit to write Swift code in a web-based code editor. When they are ready, the developers can click the run button and their code is compiled and runs on a fresh Linux container in the IBM Bluemix Cloud.

While the Sandbox was originally intended to simply allow developers easy, one-click access to the newly released Swift language runtimes on Linux, the response from the development community was very positive. Based on feedback from the community, IBM has added a number of features, including selecting specific versions of the Swift language to be used to compile the code; creating immutable snapshots of developers’ Sandbox code that returns a Sandbox URL that can be used on mailing lists, blogs, and Stack Overflow; adding personalization to allow users to save code in the Sandbox for later use; better support on mobile devices; and even the ability to embed Sandbox code and results in a user’s own blog or webpage.

This chapter will cover a number of these use cases, as well as introduce a few Swift samples that you can try.

The IBM Cloud Platform

The Linux environment hosting the Swift Sandbox that we will be using for examples in the next two chapters is one of several ...

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