Developer Interview 6: Andy Reeves


Developer profile: Andy Reeves had been working as a 3D artist in television and the theme park industry when he fell in love with the iOS market when it launched in 2008. An (almost) one-man operation, Andy designs, programs, and creates the art for his iOS titles, which range from casual endless runners to hardcore shooters.

Last completed/published project: Die Zombie Die (iOS)

Company website:

Andy, thanks for taking time to talk with Swipe This! Tell us how you got into making iOS games.

About 3 years ago, my wife got a job as a graphic designer/storyboard artist at a mobile app developer company. I was surprised to see how big the iPhone market, namely the iTunes App Store, got. I have extensive background in 3D modeling, animation, and design, as well as in 2D texturing, coding, and audio/music creation/design and editing. In 2008, my first iOS app was a photo-real, real-time 3D recreation of a known Hollywood landmark building and plaza. The app creation from concept to launch took about 5 months. It was an amazing experience and huge fun. Since this app, I launched two other iOS games: Die Zombie Die (a shooter) and Dolphin Ride (a casual side scroller).

What advice can you give to someone who wants to get into designing games for touchscreen/tablet space?

Learn graphics AND coding. Not just one or the other. ...

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