Chapter 12 Your picture and your people

It will often happen that when you walk into a room you will consciously or subconsciously take a deep breath. Maybe you love the space and feel at peace in it (and your breath is calm and happy) or maybe you find the space confronting or overwhelming (and your breath is drawn in from shock or unease). This initial breath is a cue to determining whether or not it is an environment you like to be in. Compare, for example, the feeling you get when you walk in the door leading to your workplace (if you don't totally love where you work) with how you feel when you step through the front door at home after a long, stressful day. The feelings are very different — one stressful, one calming.

Create your picture

What we are aiming for here is to create an environment where you feel inspired, energetic and prepared for whatever comes your way. Whether you work from home or an office, being in an environment that inspires you will help you be more focused and creative. Let's start creating that place where you feel inspired, energetic and at peace.


1. Draw your habitat

With a pencil in hand, draw a picture or write a description (whichever you prefer) detailing what your home would look like if it had everything you needed to help support your health. Would you like a refrigerator full of fresh fruit and vegetables, or would you like all your ...

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