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Igor Ljubuncic and Tom LittererSystem Administration Ethicshttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-4988-8_10

10. Break Glass in an Emergency

Igor Ljubuncic and Tom Litterer2
London, UK
Portland, OR, USA
Wendell dialed. The phone rang. No answer. Where the heck was Kiron? “He’s not picking up,” Wendell said with frustration.
Jacob wrinkled his nose. “I think he’s at some networking conference this week. That’s probably why.”
Wendell huffed. Kiron sure chose a week to be away – right in the middle of a giant breach. “Well, we need the password. I’m gonna get Mike.”
Mike came over a minute later, carrying a paper log that he normally kept on his desk. It had several break glass passwords for just this kind of eventuality. ...

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