© Igor Ljubuncic, Tom Litterer 2019
I. Ljubuncic, T. LittererSystem Administration Ethicshttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-4988-8_9

9. Do No Harm

Igor Ljubuncic1  and Tom Litterer2
London, UK
Portland, OR, USA

Wendell grimaced and scratched his temple. He believed learning from mistakes was extremely important, especially for techies like himself. After all, his work was all about making sure other people could enjoy technology in a seamless, transparent way. And that started with introspection, figuring out where things had gone wrong and making sure they didn’t happen again.

But whose mistakes?

His? Or others’?

He thought back to the change board meeting, to Henry’s questions, to Gopal’s rushed answers, to his own budding sense of unease. Maybe ...

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