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System Configuration

Book Description

This booklet is aimed squarely at the working system administrator; it aims to explain clearly the various facets of the system configuration problem and to describe how these relate to current tools and future research. Understanding underlying configuration principles will help system administrators use "best practice" in applying current configuration tools and procedures; these are often very flexible, and it is all too easy to negate the advantages presented by a perfectly good tool. Descriptions of the various facets of the configuration problem should also help provide system administrators with criteria to evaluate potential tools, since most sysadmins will be able to relate these to concrete examples at their own sites. In the longer term, a better understanding of the fundamental principles should encourage theorists to address underlying configuration problems and tool developers to incorporate this theory into their products. Ultimately, this will yield new tools and enable system administrators to have more confidence in the ability of these tools to automatically manage the configuration of their sites