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System i Disaster Recovery Planning

Book Description

Mapping out all the preparations necessary for an effective disaster recovery plan and its safeguard—a continuous maintenance program—this guide is aimed at IT managers of small and medium businesses. The opening section covers the initial steps of auditing vulnerability, ranking essential IT functions, and reviewing the storage of tape backups, with the following discussion focused on the elements of the plan itself. The plan includes a mission statement, a definition of disaster, the assignment of staff to teams, methods of compensating for human error, and standards for documenting the steps of recovery. The final portion of the guide covers the all-important initial testing of the system as well as the proper maintenance thereafter and weighs in on the pros and cons of using outside vendors for recovery systems.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Building a Disaster Recovery Plan—The Need
    1. The Need
    2. Plan for All Types of Disasters
    3. Reasons for Planning
    4. Let’s Get Started
    5. Phase 1 of Disaster Recovery Planning
    6. Phase 2: Definitions and Risk Mitigation
    7. Phase 3: Server Criticality and Recovery Strategies
    8. Phase 4: Develop the Plan
    9. Phase 5: Validate the Recovery Plan
    10. Summary
  3. Vulnerability Assessment & Risk Analysis
    1. Site Vulnerability Assessment
    2. Vulnerability Assessment Summary
    3. Performing a Risk Analysis
    4. Summary
  4. Conducting a Business Impact and Recoverability Analysis
    1. Starting the Business Impact Analysis
    2. Tangible Costs
    3. Intangible Costs
    4. Identifying Mission-Critical Functions
    5. Outage Impact
    6. Recovery Time Objective vs. Recovery Point Objective
    7. Shifting Focus for Return on Investment (ROI)
    8. The Process of the BIA
    9. Summary
  5. Critical Server Ranking
    1. Classifying Systems for Recovery Priority
    2. Mission-Critical Only, Please
    3. Rank Your Data Backup Priorities
    4. Backups, and Recovery Time and Point Objectives
    5. Critical Systems Definition, A-List
    6. Critical Systems Definition, B-List
    7. Is Email Mission-Critical?
    8. Hardware Requirements for Mission-Critical Servers
    9. Summary
  6. Building Recovery Strategy Requirements
    1. The Disaster Recovery Challenge
    2. Guidelines for Selecting Recovery Strategies
    3. Market Trends
    4. Recovery Strategies
    5. Data Center Recovery Solutions
    6. Determine the Level of Business Resiliency You Want to Achieve
    7. Overall Site Restoration Strategy Sample
    8. Summary
  7. Backup and Recoverability
    1. Plan for Data Recovery
    2. Ten Issues for the Administration of Backups
    3. Checklist for Backup and Recovery
    4. Backup Media Management
    5. How Much to Back Up for Disaster Recovery
    6. Backup Recovery and Media Services (BRMS)
    7. A Simple Save Strategy
    8. Save More with Save-While-Active
    9. Richard’s Backup Solution
    10. Backups for Planned Maintenance Windows
    11. IBM’s Virtual Tape Solution (VTL)
    12. Duplicate Your Removable Media
    13. Restoration Commands
    14. The BRMS System Recovery Report
    15. How the System Restores Access Paths
    16. Backing Up and Recovering a Domino Server
    17. Hardware Management Console (HMC)
    18. Summary
  8. Your Business Value of Systems Availability
    1. High Availability—Take the High Road
    2. Recovery on Your High-Availability Investment
    3. Is Your H/A Truly High Availability?
    4. IBM’s Capacity Backup Offering
    5. Summary
  9. Vital Records and Critical Data Offsite Storage
    1. Vital Record Management
    2. Offsite Storage Considerations
    3. Choosing an Offsite Storage Provider
    4. Summary
  10. Building Your Teams
    1. Selecting Candidates: Pick Me! No, Don’t Pick Me!
    2. When There Is Loss of Life or Missing People
    3. Building Your Recovery Teams
    4. How to Work Together
    5. The IT Recovery Management Team
    6. The IT Technical Recovery Team
    7. The Network Recovery Team
    8. The Hardware Recovery Team
    9. Application Recovery Team
    10. Facility Recovery Team
    11. Replacement Equipment
    12. Disaster Recovery Preparedness
    13. Administrative Responsibilities
    14. Care for Your Recovery Teams During a Disaster
    15. The Team’s Meeting Place
    16. Summary
  11. Effective Communications
    1. Develop an Employee Call Sheet
    2. Who Do You Contact?
    3. Selecting a Meeting Place for the Command Center
    4. Facing and Dealing with the Media
    5. Notification Solution Design
    6. Summary
  12. How to Develop and Document a Disaster Recovery Plan
    1. Disaster Recovery Plan Development Overview
    2. Ready, Set, Write the Plan
    3. The Disaster Recovery Plan’s Structure
    4. Developing and Writing the Procedures
    5. Disaster Recovery Teams Overview
    6. Summary
  13. Effective Plan-Activation Procedures
    1. The Disaster-Alert Notification Procedure
    2. First-Alert Response
    3. Hotsite Call-up Procedures
    4. Recalling Tapes from Your Offsite Storage Provider
    5. Site Restoration Activities
    6. Summary
  14. The Need for System-Related Documentation
    1. A Change in the i5 Philosophy Silos
    2. Write It All Down
    3. I Thought Those Backup Tapes Had Everything!
    4. Collecting and Maintaining System Information
    5. The PRTSYSINF Command
    6. Complete Site Loss versus Server Loss
    7. Summary
  15. System i5/iSeries Restoration Procedures
    1. Recovery Procedures
    2. Case Study Sample
    3. Summary
  16. System i5/iSeries BRMS Restoration Procedures
    1. Licensed Internal Code Restore
    2. Building Your Disk Configuration at the Hotsite Using Option 2
    3. Building Your Disk Configuration on Your Home System Using Option 3
    4. Restoring the Operating System
    5. Recovering the BRMS Product
  17. Testing Your Disaster Recovery Plan
    1. Practice Just Like the Pros
    2. Satisfy the Need for Testing
    3. The Embarrassment of Testing: What If We Fail?
    4. Open-Book Testing
    5. Define a Complete Testing Project
    6. Passive Testing
    7. Active Testing
    8. Disaster Recovery Coordinator Testing Duties
    9. Introducing Murphy’s Law
    10. Evaluation of Test Results
    11. Be a Survivor
    12. Summary
  18. Plan Maintenance
    1. Your Plan Design
    2. Implementing a Maintenance Philosophy
    3. Revisit Your Plan—Get into Maintenance Mode
    4. Change Management
    5. Summary
  19. Selecting a Commercial Hotsite Provider
    1. Advance Planning = Hotsite
    2. Internal or External Hotsite?
    3. What to Look for in a Hotsite Provider
    4. Cost Considerations
    5. Summary
  20. A Family DR Plan
    1. Disaster Recovery Begins at Home
    2. Emergency Supplies
    3. Practice and Maintain Your Plan
    4. Personal and Family Requirements
    5. Awareness Training
    6. Information on Family Disaster Plans
    7. Summary
  21. Appendix: Sample Documents
    1. Business Impact Analysis Questionnaire
    2. Operational Priorities
    3. Operational Impacts
    4. Customer Service
    5. Cash Flow/Revenue
    6. Regulatory (If Applicable)
    7. Increases in Liability
    8. Vendor Relations
    9. Financial Control/Reporting
    10. Mission Critical IT Applications
    11. Vulnerability
    12. Server Criticality Analysis