T-Shaped Professionals

Book description

What skills are needed for the future? This book argues for T-shaped professionals who are adaptive innovators, with broad communication skills and deep problem-solving skills.

We invite readers to explore this question from the perspective of academics, educators, business practitioners, those in government, as well as researchers trying to measure more precisely just what it means to be a T-shaped professional and adaptive innovator.

Table of contents

  1. Preface
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Part I Individual Perspective
  4. Chapter 1 Introduction: Toward an ISSIP T-Shaped Curriculum and Research Framework
  5. Part II Education Perspective
  6. Chapter 2 An Integrated Transdisciplinary Educational Model and an Associated Faculty Development Model Carlos Heeren, Melanie Cornejo, and Julia Lee
  7. Chapter 3 Bringing T to Community Colleges Lucia M. Elden
  8. Chapter 4 Force Field Analysis: A Way to Look at Challenges Facing Universities as They Try to Produce T-Shaped Graduates Jana Markowitz
  9. Chapter 5 Rating and Ranking Universities, What Criteria Is Most Aligned with Creating T-Shaped Faculty and Students? Gary S. Metcalf and Stuart A. Umpleby
  10. Chapter 6 “T” Is for Transdisciplinary Jeffrey J. Evans and Aubrey J. (AJ) Hocker
  11. Chapter 7 Preparing the Curriculum to Prepare T-shaped Professionals Gary R. Bertoline
  12. Part III Employer Perspective
  13. Chapter 8 Management Perspective—For T-Employees to Flourish: Be Mindful of the Culture You Immerse Them In! Michelle Grainger, Timothy L. Michaelis, and Paul Mugge
  14. Part IV Governance Perspectives
  15. Chapter 9 T-shaped Professionals in Europe Today and in 2020 Werner B. Korte, Tobias Hüsing, and Eriona Dashja
  16. Part V Defining and Measuring the T
  17. Chapter 10Developing the Connective Tissue of the T Gordon Rowland and Jason Hamilton
  18. Chapter 11 MyT-Me—Your Personal T-Shape Scoring System Louis E. Freund
  19. Chapter 12 From “T” to “Π”: The Other Leg That Systems Engineers Stand On Nicole Hutchison, Art Pyster, and Devanandham Henry
  20. Part VI How to Create 21st Century Professionals? T-shaped Adaptive Innovators
  21. Chapter 13 Research-Driven Medical Education and Practice: A Case for T-Shaped Professionals Nicholas M. Donofrio, Jim Spohrer, Hossein Seif Zadeh, and Haluk Demirkan
  22. Chapter 14 Conclusions
  23. About the Editors
  24. About the Authors
  25. How to get involved
  26. Index

Product information

  • Title: T-Shaped Professionals
  • Author(s): Yassi Moghaddam, Professor Haluk Demirkan, Jim Spohrer
  • Release date: August 2018
  • Publisher(s): Business Expert Press
  • ISBN: 9781947843165