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Tableau Data Stories for Everyone

Video Description

Combine the power of Interactive Tableau Dashboards with data to create powerful stories!

About This Video

  • A comprehensive and friendly guide to telling your story and changing the world with Tableau.
  • Covers the latest techniques and versions of Tableau.
  • Personalize your dashboard with Tableau to present your data.

In Detail

Do you wish you could use data to tell stories, change minds, and make better decisions?

This course will show how YOU can use Tableau to find the powerful story within your data, and present it clearly and effectively. Tableau has emerged as a clear leader in data visualization.

This course will help you create and deploy meaningful and visually appealing dashboards. This course walks you through the fundamentals of Tableau, helping you hone your skills, and helps you understand trends and forecast future predictions. The course will guide you all the way from connecting to a data source to building an interactive dashboard that can illustrate datasets based on user input, and show you how to interact and define specific fields that cater to your visualization without altering the original dataset. You will then learn to build a fully customizable interactive dashboard with advanced Tableau features such as trendlines, the Analytics Pane, and geocoded locations. Later, you will put all your sheets in one place and have them interact with each other based on user input.

Finally, by the end of the course, you will be able to tell your own story using interactive dashboards in Tableau.