Take Control of Customizing Tiger

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It's Day 2 of Tiger, and you've played with the new features. But you can become even more productive if you customize Tiger for your needs. Turn to Matt Neuburg for a road map on how to start using new features in Tiger. Matt shows you how to configure and use Spotlight efficiently for finding files on your hard disk, and once you've found them, he helps you set up Smart Folders that automatically organize your files. Matt also helps you make the most of Dashboard, which gives you instant access to mini-applications. In other parts of the ebook, you'll learn how to manage the status menus in your menu bar, how to customize keyboard shortcuts (and even disable the Caps Lock key!), and how to get started with Automator. Matt has updated his advice about essential customizations that Tiger brings up from Panther, including how to work with Exposé, the sidebar, the toolbar, Finder windows, Font Book, Unicode, and more. Additional help for those new to Mac OS X: 150 basic ways to customize your Mac!

Read this ebook to learn the answers to questions such as:

  • I'm overwhelmed by all of Tiger's new features - where should I start?

  • Did I install the right stuff?

  • How do I use Spotlight to find information on my hard disk?

  • Can I configure Dashboard widgets?

  • How do I use Automator, and what's it good for?

  • My Font menu is huge, and my fonts are a mess. What should I do?

  • Can I assign keyboard shortcuts to menu items?

  • Where did Apple hide the options for ?

  • Table of contents

    1. Copyright
    2. Read Me First
      1. Onscreen Reading Tips
      2. Printing Tips
      3. Basics
      4. What’s New in Version 1.0.1
    3. Introduction
    4. Customizing Tiger Quick Start
    5. What’s New in Tiger
    6. Customize your Installation
    7. Master the Folder/File Hierarchy
      1. Set Up the Default Finder Window
      2. Set Up the Desktop
      3. Sidebar Basics
      4. Customize Your Sidebar
      5. Tweak Your Open and Save Dialogs
      6. Toolbar Basics
      7. Customize Your Toolbar
      8. Determine Your Toolbar’s Visibility
      9. Understand Spotlight
      10. Set Up Spotlight Preferences
      11. Use Spotlight Efficiently
      12. Do Finder Searches
      13. Make Smart Folders
    8. See the Windows you Want to See
      1. Exposé
        1. All Windows mode
        2. Applications Windows mode
        3. Desktop Mode
        4. Customize Exposé triggers
          1. Keyboard shortcut trigger
          2. Corner of the screen trigger
          3. Mouse and modifier key trigger
          4. Test your triggers
      2. Dashboard
        1. Customize Dashboard triggers
        2. Customize Dashboard widgets
      3. Consider Third-Party Window Management
    9. Create Shortcuts and Workflows
      1. Consider Application Keyboard Shortcuts
      2. Set Application Keyboard Shortcuts
      3. Set Global Keyboard Shortcuts
      4. More about the Keyboard Shortcuts Pane
      5. Fix Your Fn Key
      6. Straighten Up Your Services
      7. Adopt a Launcher
      8. Determine Internet Helper Applications
      9. Understand Automator
      10. Make an Automator Workflow
    10. Fix Your Fonts
      1. Customize Collections
      2. Disable Fonts
      3. Resolve Font Conflicts
      4. Consider Third-Party Font Utilities
      5. Be Unicode-Savvy
      6. Use the Input Menu
      7. Learn Which Fonts Contain Which Characters
    11. Customize Status Menus
      1. Status Menu Removal and Rearrangement
      2. Overview of Status Menus
      3. Use the Classic Menu
      4. Be Aware of the Script Menu
    12. Perform Miscellaneous Configurations
      1. Set Up Login Items
      2. Limit User Powers
      3. Cure the Terminal
      4. Scroll Easier
      5. Kill the Caps Lock
      6. Give Your Mouse the Finger
      7. Have a Nice Date
      8. Calibrate Your Screen
      9. Adjust Text Smoothing
      10. See Better
      11. Grow the Pointer
      12. Have the Mac Read the Interface to You
    13. Look Up a Configuration Location
    14. A. Finder Window Customization
    15. About This Ebook
      1. About the Author
      2. Shameless Plug
      3. Take Control: The Series
      4. About TidBITS Electronic Publishing
      5. Production Credits

    Product information

    • Title: Take Control of Customizing Tiger
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: May 2007
    • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
    • ISBN: 0975950320