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Take Control of Upgrading to Sierra

Book Description

Avoid anxiety and enjoy an easy upgrade!

Upgrade with confidence as you follow Mac guru Joe Kissell's essential advice. You'll ensure that your hardware and software are ready for Sierra, prevent problems by making a bootable duplicate of your main drive, and decide on the best installation method for your particular situation. You'll also find full installation directions, plus suggestions on what to do immediately after the install. The book ends with a look at how to handle a failed or problematic installation.

You'll experience an easy upgrade and deal quickly with post-installation quirks with these topics:

  • Start fast: A Quick Start overview helps you read lightly or more deeply, depending on your needs.

  • Take in the view: Find out what you can look forward to in Sierra.

  • Compatibility check: Make sure your hardware and software are ready for Sierra and consider whether this is a good time to buy new hardware, even if it's not essential for your upgrade.

  • Backing up: Avoid upgrade anxiety by ensuring you can return to the previous state of your Mac--and that you can boot from your backup. Joe provides steps for carrying out this essential task in Carbon Copy Cloner.

  • Picking a plan: Go for an easy in-place upgrade or consider a more complex clean install. Find out which option is right for you.

  • Installing: Download and store the installer where it won't be deleted, with special tips for people who want to install on multiple Macs or who have bandwidth limitations. And, although running the installer will be easy for many people, you'll find full steps for what to click and when.

  • Post-installation tune-up: Make sure your new system is running smoothly by completing a few important housekeeping tasks and making a few key decisions.

  • Troubleshooting: Yikes! It is possible that something will go wrong during installation, or that once you've booted up under Sierra that you'll encounter a serious problem. Joe's time-tested troubleshooting advice will help get your system working again.

Table of Contents

  1. Read Me First
    1. Updates and More
    2. Basics
  2. Introduction
  3. Sierra Upgrade Quick Start
  4. Take In the Scenic View
  5. Catch Up with macOS Changes
    1. Learn What You’ll Have to Live Without
    2. Meet FileVault 2
    3. Understand How Sierra Is Distributed
    4. Consider Installer Changes
    5. Now What?
  6. Check Your Mac for Compatibility
    1. Model Support
    2. RAM
    3. Firmware Updates
    4. Free Disk Space
    5. Recent Bluetooth Hardware
    6. OS X 10.7.5 Lion or Later
    7. A Magic Input Device
    8. An Apple ID
  7. Back Up Your Disk
    1. Why You Need a Duplicate
    2. Prepare for a Duplicate
    3. Create a Duplicate
    4. Test Your Duplicate
  8. Clean Up Your Mac
    1. Update Your Third-party Software
    2. De-clutter Your Disk
    3. Run Disk Utility
    4. Update Your Duplicate
    5. Consider Disabling Encryption
  9. Decide on an Installation Method
    1. Plan A: In-place Upgrade
    2. Plan B: Clean Install
    3. Pick a Plan
  10. Make Final Preparations
    1. Turn Off Anti-malware Software
    2. Obtain the Installer
    3. Copy the Installer to a Safe Place
    4. Update Your Duplicate (Again)
    5. Turn Off (Yes, Off) Automatic Duplicates
    6. Make a Copy of This Book
  11. Upgrade Using Plan A: In-place Upgrade
    1. Start the Installer
    2. Select a Destination
    3. Organize Your Pantry
    4. Finish Setup Assistant
    5. Check for Proper Operation
  12. Upgrade Using Plan B: Clean Install
    1. Start Up from Your Bootable Duplicate
    2. Erase Your Disk
    3. Run the Installer
    4. Use Setup Assistant
  13. Perform Post-installation Tasks
    1. Respond to Immediate Questions
    2. Handle Software Updates
    3. Review the Incompatible Software Folder
    4. Deal with Other Surprises
    5. Final Software Advice
  14. Troubleshoot Upgrade Problems
    1. Can’t Run the Sierra Installer…
    2. Can’t Select Installation Volume…
    3. Mac Won’t Start Up under Sierra…
    4. Finder Crashes or Hangs…
  15. About This Book
    1. Ebook Extras
    2. About the Author
    3. About the Publisher
  16. Copyright and Fine Print