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Take Control of Apple Mail, 4th Edition

Book Description

Master Mail in High Sierra and iOS 11!

You can work more effectively in Apple Mail with expert advice from Joe Kissell. You'll learn how to make Mail serve your needs with essential setup, usage, and troubleshooting instructions, whether you use Gmail, iCloud, Exchange, IMAP, or POP--or more than one account--on your Mac running 10.13 High Sierra (or 10.12 Sierra), or on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch running iOS 11.

Joe explains core concepts like special IMAP mailboxes and email archiving, reveals Mail's hidden interface elements and gestures, and helps with common tasks like addressing and adding attachments. He also offers tips on customizing Mail, including a nifty chapter on how simple plugins and special automation can dramatically improve the way you use Mail. Joe also covers finding that message in the haystack with Mail's natural language search, improving the messages you send, how digital signatures and encryption work in Mail, and--perhaps most important--an award-winning strategy for avoiding email overload.

Note: You may have heard about a new encryption issue called EFAIL that can affect Apple Mail. This issue was discovered too late to cover it in the book, but we have an article with complete details here: What You Need to Know About the EFAIL Vulnerability.

You'll quickly find the information that's most important to you, including:

  • Key changes in Mail for High Sierra (and Sierra) and iOS 11
  • Getting through your email faster with gestures
  • Using advanced search techniques to find filed messages
  • Using plugins to significantly enhance how you use Mail
  • The whys and hows of sending attachments
  • Using markup features to embellish, and even sign, outgoing attachments
  • Defeating spam with the Junk Mail filter--and what to do if you need more firepower
  • Understanding special mailboxes like Sent, Drafts, and Junk
  • Using notifications to stay apprised of incoming messages
  • Taking charge of email organization with rules and other measures
  • Backing up and restoring email
  • Importing email from other apps, older versions of Mail, or another Mac
  • Deciding whether you should encrypt your email, along with detailed, real-world steps for signing and encrypting messages
  • Taking Mail to the next level with AppleScript and Automator
  • 18 things everyone should know about Mail in iOS 11
  • Fixing problems: receiving, sending, logging in, bad mailboxes, and more

Table of Contents

  1. Read Me First
    1. Updates and More
    2. Basics
    3. What’s New in the Fourth Edition
  2. Introduction
  3. Apple Mail Quick Start
  4. Learn What’s New in High Sierra and iOS 11 Mail
    1. Mail Changes in High Sierra
    2. Mail Changes in iOS 11
  5. Learn About Email Protocols
    1. POP
    2. IMAP
    3. SMTP
    4. IMAP and POP Misconceptions
    5. Switch from POP to IMAP
    6. iCloud
    7. Exchange
    8. Gmail
    9. Fetch, Push, and IMAP IDLE
  6. Master Mail Concepts
    1. Account Setup
    2. Decoding the Mail Sidebar
    3. Special Mailboxes
    4. Controlling Mail Formatting
    5. Hidden Interface Elements
    6. Gestures
    7. Full-Screen Mode
    8. Addressing
    9. Archiving
    10. Notifications
    11. Data Detectors
    12. Attachments
    13. Handoff
  7. Customize Mail
    1. Sidebar
    2. Toolbars
    3. Message Header
    5. Tabbed Windows
    6. Favorites Bar
    7. Message Filters
    8. VIPs
    9. Signatures
    10. Keyboard Shortcuts
  8. Extend and Automate Mail
    1. Use Third-Party Plugins
    2. Archive and Search Messages
    3. Remove Duplicate Messages
    4. Use AppleScript and Automator
  9. Use Gmail with Mail
    1. Understand How Mail Works (or Not) with Gmail
    2. Set Up Mail to Use Gmail
    3. Avoid Gmail Problems
  10. Find Your Messages
    1. Perform a Natural Language Search
    2. Perform a Conventional Search
    3. Search for a Phrase
    4. Use Boolean Expressions
    5. Search by Date Range
    6. Search Within the Current Message
    7. Work Smarter with Smart Mailboxes
  11. Take Control of Your Inbox
    1. Take Responsibility
    2. Consolidate Your Accounts
    3. Optimize Your Mailboxes
    4. Use Rules
    5. Control Spam
    6. Develop an Email Strategy
    7. Back Up and Restore Your Email
    8. Import Email
  12. Become a Better Correspondent
    1. Don’t Be Part of the Problem
    2. Choose Formatting Wisely
    3. Use Attachments Judiciously
    4. Quote Effectively
  13. Sign and Encrypt Messages
    1. Learn When and Why to Sign or Encrypt Messages
    2. Use S/MIME Encryption
    3. Use GnuPG for Mail
    4. Sign and Encrypt Messages in iOS
  14. Fix Mail Problems
    1. Fix Incoming Mail Problems
    2. Fix Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Problems
    3. Untangle Special Mailboxes
    4. Fix Mailbox Problems
    5. Fix Searching Errors
    6. Deal with Recovered Messages
    7. Solve Other Problems
  15. Use Mail in iOS
    1. iOS Mail vs. macOS Mail
    2. 18 Things Every iOS Mail User Should Know
    3. Troubleshoot iOS Mail Problems
  16. About This Book
    1. Ebook Extras
    2. About the Author and Publisher
    3. Shameless Plug
    4. Credits
  17. Copyright and Fine Print
  18. Also by Joe Kissell