Take Control of Working with Your iPad

Book description

Want to get some real work done on your iPad? Joe Kissell helps you find and use the best productivity apps and techniques. Whether you'd like to run your office from an easy chair, take meeting notes on your iPad, or edit and create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more you while you're travelling light, Joe's real-world advice helps you adopt the right mindset and make the most of your iPad.

Special topics include non-obvious tips on how to use the iPad's virtual keyboard effectively, the best ways to transfer documents among apps and devices, how to print from the iPad, and other everyday hurdles that you'll need to surmount in order to work with ease from your iPad.

This is version 1.0 of Take Control of Working with Your iPad. We anticipate releasing a free version 1.0.1 soon to accommodate some minor post-publication changes related to significant updates to covered apps. Click the Check for Updates button on the cover of the PDF to download your free update.

Table of contents

  1. Take Control of Working with Your iPad
    1. Read Me First
      1. Updates and More
      2. Take Control of iPad Basics
      3. More Basics
      4. What's New in Version 1.1
    2. Introduction
    3. 1. Working with Your iPad Quick Start
    4. 2. Adopt the Right Mindset
      1. Don't Think of It as a Computer
      2. Adopt the Pioneering Spirit
      3. Expect Change
      4. Take It with You Everywhere
    5. 3. Master the Basics
      1. Type on the Virtual Keyboard
      2. Use the Keyboard Dock
      3. Use a Bluetooth Keyboard
      4. Use Keyboard Shortcuts
      5. Select Text by Touch
      6. Cut, Copy, Paste, and Replace
      7. Search on the iPad
      8. Typing Faster with Text Expansion
    6. 4. Manage Your Contacts
      1. View Your Contacts
      2. Add a Contact
      3. Edit a Contact
      4. Adjust Contact Options
    7. 5. Manage Your Calendars
      1. View Your Calendars
        1. Choose a View
        2. Navigate to Another Date
        3. Hide or Show Calendars
        4. Search Calendars
      2. Add an Event
      3. Edit an Event
      4. Adjust Calendar Options
    8. 6. Take Notes
      1. Type Notes
      2. Take Handwritten Notes
      3. Use Speech Recognition
      4. Record Audio
      5. Combine Note-Taking Activities
    9. 7. Send and Receive Email
      1. Set Up an Email Account
      2. View Your Email
      3. Reply to or Compose a Message
      4. Adjust Mail Settings
        1. Account Settings
        2. Fetch/Push Options
        3. Mail Sounds
        4. Other Mail Settings
    10. 8. Use Instant Messaging
      1. Understand the iPad's IM Challenges
      2. Pick an IM App
    11. 9. Browse the Web
      1. Understand Safari's Features and Limitations
      2. Supplement Safari
        1. Evernote
        2. Instapaper Pro
        3. A Few More Notable Apps
      3. Use Alternative Browsers
        1. Atomic Web Browser
        2. iCab Mobile
    12. 10. Use Maps
      1. Find a Location (and other Basics)
      2. Find a Contact
      3. Find Yourself
      4. Get Directions
      5. Adjust Map Options
    13. 11. Transfer and View Documents
      1. Understand Document Transfer Issues
      2. Copy Documents via iTunes
        1. Transfer Documents to Your iPad with iTunes
        2. Transfer Documents from Your iPad with iTunes
      3. Use Third-Party Apps
    14. 12. Work with Text
      1. Understand the Place of Word processing on the iPad
      2. Use the iWork Document Manager
      3. Use Pages
      4. Use Google Documents
      5. Use Documents To Go for Word Processing
      6. Annotate PDFs
    15. 13. Work with Spreadsheets
      1. Use Numbers
      2. Use Google Spreadsheets
      3. Use Documents To Go for Spreadsheets
    16. 14. Create and Give Presentations
      1. Learn Keynote Basics
      2. Create a Keynote Presentation
      3. Use an External Display
      4. Run a Keynote Presentation
      5. Use Documents To Go for Presentations
    17. 15. Print from Your iPad
      1. Print on a Computer
      2. Use a Third-Party Printing App
      3. Print from iWork Apps (and Almost Anything Else)
    18. 16. Do Other Work Activities
      1. Use a Database
      2. Draw and Paint
      3. Brainstorm, Outline, and Mind Map
    19. A. About This Book
      1. About the Author
      2. Shameless Plug
      3. About the Publisher
      4. Production Credits

Product information

  • Title: Take Control of Working with Your iPad
  • Author(s): Joe Kissell
  • Release date: June 2010
  • Publisher(s): Take Control Books
  • ISBN: 9781615420520