Take Control of Media on Your iPad

Book description

It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's an iPad, and while it may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, the iPad is a lean, mean, media machine for reading books, listening to music, watching videos, viewing photos, controlling iTunes and your Apple TV, and more. Jeff Carlson, our most media-savvy author, explains how to purchase or acquire ebooks to read in iBooks and helps you understand the subtleties of iBooks. After that, you'll find advice and steps for listening to audio in the iPod app, including how to control the playback interface and complex tasks like creating smart playlists. Then it's on to figuring out how put videos on your iPad, using the Videos app, and streaming video from the Web. Next up are photos—learning how to store photos on the iPad, use the Photos app, set up the iPad as a digital picture frame, and sharing photos and videos. The ebook also covers how to use an iPad as a remote control for iTunes, an Apple TV, and other consumer electronics.

Table of contents

  1. Take Control of Media on Your iPad
    1. Read Me First
      1. Updates and More
      2. Take Control of iPad Basics
      3. Basics
      4. What's New in Version 1.1
    2. Introduction
    3. 1. Quick Start to Media on Your iPad
    4. 2. Mind Your Media
      1. Transfer in iTunes
      2. Move Media Wirelessly
        1. Download to Memory
        2. Stream
      3. Give Your Media Room to Stretch Out
    5. 3. Read Books and Other Text
      1. Use iBooks
        1. Put Books in iBooks
          1. Download Books from the iBookstore
            1. Find and Download Free Books
            2. Re-download Deleted Books
          2. Add Your Own Books
          3. Make Your Own EPUBs and PDFs
        2. Organize Your Library
          1. Re-order Titles in the Bookshelf Views
          2. Remove a Book from the Library
        3. Read a Book
          1. Change the Screen Brightness
          2. Turn the Pages
          3. View the Table of Contents
          4. Search the Text
          5. Look Up a Definition
          6. Adjust EPUB Reading Preferences
            1. Text Size and Font
            2. Sepia
            3. Justification
        4. Add Bookmarks and Notes
          1. Bookmark a Page
          2. Highlight a Passage
          3. Add a Note
        5. More about PDFs
      2. More Reading Options
        1. Discover Other Text Readers
          1. Kindle
          2. Barnes & Noble
          3. Stanza
          4. GoodReader
        2. Stay Current with News
          1. Newspapers
          2. RSS Newsreaders
        3. Read Magazines
        4. Read Comics
    6. 4. Listen to Audio
      1. Put Audio on the iPad
        1. Sync Your Audio
          1. Music
          2. Podcasts
          3. Audiobooks
          4. Smart Playlists
        2. Download Music from the iTunes Store
      2. Use the iPod App
        1. Find Your Media
          1. Search for Media
          2. Browse Your Library
        2. Listen in iPod
          1. Control Audio Playback
          2. Play Podcasts and Audiobooks
        3. Control Playback outside the iPod App
        4. Make Playlists
          1. Regular Playlist
          2. Genius Playlist
      3. Stream Audio
    7. 5. Watch Video
      1. Put Videos on the iPad
        1. Rent or Buy on the iPad from Apple
          1. High Definition vs. Standard Definition
          2. Rent or Buy?
        2. Sync Videos from iTunes
          1. Movies
          2. Rentals
          3. TV Shows and Podcasts
        3. Add Videos to iTunes
        4. Encode Videos from Your DVDs
          1. Encoder Helpers
            1. Macintosh
            2. Windows
          2. Encode in HandBrake
          3. Rip TV Shows
        5. Share Movies from iMovie
          1. Export HD Movies from iMovie
        6. Side-Load Videos into GoodReader
        7. Copy Videos from an SD Card
      2. Use the Videos App
        1. Watch a Video
        2. Remove a Video
        3. Output to a Television
      3. Stream Video
        1. From a Computer
        2. From the Internet
          1. YouTube
          2. Netflix
          3. Safari
    8. 6. View Photos
      1. Put Photos on the iPad
        1. Transfer Photos Using iTunes
        2. Email
        3. Save in Safari
        4. Import Photos and Videos Directly
        5. Handle Raw Files
      2. Use the Photos App
        1. View Photos and Videos
        2. Play and Trim Imported Video
        3. Play a Slideshow
        4. Delete Multiple Photos or Videos
      3. Use the iPad as a Photo Frame
      4. Share Photos and Videos
        1. Share a Photo or Video
        2. Share Multiple Items
        3. Share Better-Quality Photos and Videos
          1. Copy and Paste Photos into Mail
          2. Import Videos and Raw Files to the Computer First
    9. 7. Use Your iPad as a Remote
      1. Connect to an iTunes Library
        1. Add a Library
        2. Request a Song Using iTunes DJ
          1. Set Up iTunes DJ in iTunes
          2. Request Songs
      2. Control Video Playback
      3. Control an Apple TV
      4. Other Remote Apps
    10. A. About This Book
      1. Ebook Extras
      2. About the Author
      3. Author's Acknowledgments
      4. Shameless Plug
      5. About the Publisher
      6. Production Credits
    11. About the Author

Product information

  • Title: Take Control of Media on Your iPad
  • Author(s): Jeff Carlson
  • Release date: June 2010
  • Publisher(s): Take Control Books
  • ISBN: 9781615420537