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Take Control of PDFpen 5

Book Description

Have you ever had to fill out and sign a PDF-based form? Or change the date on a PDF-based flyer? Comment on a document sent around your workplace as a PDF file? Scan a document to PDF and OCR the text? Smile's PDFpen 5 can perform these and many other PDF manipulations more easily than Adobe Acrobat, and at a fraction of the price. With clarity and humor, Take Control of PDFpen 5 explains precisely what you can do with PDFs using PDFpen and its big brother, PDFpenPro.

Table of Contents

  1. Take Control of PDFpen 5
    1. Read Me First
      1. Updates and More
      2. Basics
    2. Introduction
    3. 1. PDFpen Quick Start
    4. 2. Learn about PDF Files
      1. A Short History of the PDF Format
      2. A Peek at What is Inside
      3. On Having Realistic Expectations
    5. 3. Understand the Tools
      1. Where to Find Tools
      2. The Selection Tools
      3. The Markup Tools
      4. The Drawing Tools
      5. The Form Creation Tools (Pro Feature)
      6. The Inspector
      7. The Library
    6. 4. Navigate a PDF Document
      1. Display Pages
        1. Facing Pages
        2. Magnifying Pages
        3. Continuous vs. Non-continuous Page Display
      2. Navigate Pages
      3. Navigate with the Sidebar
        1. Navigate with Thumbnails
        2. Navigate with Search Results
        3. Navigate with Annotations
        4. Navigate with a Table of Contents
    7. 5. Create a PDF
      1. Make PDFs from Scratch
      2. Print to PDF
      3. Import from Scans and Graphic Files
        1. Use a Scanner to Make a PDF
        2. Open Graphic Files as PDFs
        3. Use OCR on Scans and Graphic Files
      4. Combine Existing PDFs
      5. Make PDFs from Html (PRO Feature)
      6. Make a PDF Table of Contents (PRO Feature)
    8. 6. Take Notes on a PDF
      1. Highlight Text
        1. Highlight in Color
        2. Remove a Highlight
        3. Set a Custom Highlight Color
        4. Underline Passages
      2. Add Commentary
        1. Add Pop-up Notes
        2. Add Comment Boxes
        3. Print Notes and Comments
      3. Draw Attention
    9. 7. Copyedit and Review a PDF
      1. Learn about Copyediting
        1. Use the Proofing Marks
        2. Learn the Copyediting Best Practices
      2. Learn about Review Practices
        1. Choose How to Circulate a Document
        2. Follow Best Review Practices
    10. 8. Fill Out PDF Forms
      1. Fill Out an Interactive Form
      2. Fill Out a Non-Interactive Form
        1. Fill Out a Text Entry
        2. Fill Out a Checkbox
      3. Add a Scanned Signature
    11. 9. Edit a PDF
      1. Add, Edit, and Remove Text
        1. Set Wrapping in a Text Imprint
        2. Change the Appearance of Text
        3. Correct or Remove Text on a Page
        4. Search and Replace or Redact Text
      2. Add and Alter Pictures
        1. Resize and Crop an Image
        2. Straighten and Adjust an Image
        3. Resample an Image
        4. Make a Transparent Image
      3. Rearrange, Rotate, and Crop Pages
        1. Rearrange Pages
        2. Rotate a Page
        3. Crop a Page
      4. Create Links
    12. 10. Make an Interactive PDF Form (Pro Feature)
      1. Build a Form
        1. Make a Text Field
        2. Offer a Single Choice
        3. Make Checkboxes
        4. Offer Radio Button Choices
        5. Make a List
        6. Make a Submit Button
      2. Polish the Layout
        1. Use a Grid
        2. Set the Tab Order
    13. 11. Publish Your PDFs
      1. Save Your PDFs
        1. Save as TIFF
        2. Save Securely
        3. Save with Quartz Filters
        4. Save with the Print Dialog
      2. Print Your PDFs
    14. A. The PDFpen AppleScripts
      1. Where to Find the Scripts
      2. The Scripts
    15. B. Learn More
    16. C. About This Book
      1. Ebook Extras
      2. About the Author
      3. Author’s Acknowledgments
      4. Shameless Plug
      5. About the Publisher
      6. Production Credits