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Take Control of PDFpen 6

Book Description

Learn to create, edit, and manipulate PDFs with Smile's PDFpen 6!

Have you ever needed to give feedback on a PDF, but stumbled around trying to insert comments and proofreading marks? Or spent way too long trying to refresh the date on a PDF-based flyer? Maybe you wanted to fill out and sign a PDF-based form without printing it and faxing it back? What about making your own PDF-based form with fill-in fields that could be submitted over the Internet? Or have you wished you could OCR scanned text so you could revise it right in the PDF? All these tasks--and much more--can be done with PDFpen from Smile.

Even better, there's an in-depth guide for all these tasks. Written by Michael E. Cohen with clarity and humor, Take Control of PDFpen 6 turns you into a PDF productivity powerhouse while you work at your desktop or laptop Mac with PDFpen or PDFpenPro, or on the go with your iPad or iPhone.

Michael begins with a rundown of your purchasing options: PDFpen versus PDFpenPro, from Smile versus the Mac App Store, and the advantages of an iPhone or iPad version.

Next, you'll meet PDFpen, starting with a general overview of the PDF format, followed by a tour of PDFpen's user interface--including the new Editing bar. Then Michael jumps into the many ways you can modify a PDF:

  • Add and remove pages, and combine pages from multiple files into one PDF.
  • Directly edit the text, plus add comments and professional editing marks.
  • Redact confidential text.
  • Add clickable page and URL links, add page numbers, and add images.
  • Make a clickable table of contents (PDFpenPro only).
  • Change the look with a Quartz filter (for example, make it black-and-white).
  • Reduce the file size with a Quartz filter.
  • Password-protect it.
  • Turn it into a formatted Microsoft Word document.
  • Prevent other users taking certain actions, such as printing or editing (PDFpenPro only).

You'll learn how PDFpen is your friend when it comes to forms:

  • Fill out forms with ease.
  • Add a handwritten signature--in the iOS versions, you can write with a stylus!
  • Print just form entries on a pre-printed form!
  • Create an interactive PDF form for both Mac and Windows (PDFpenPro only). You can even make your interactive PDF form collect data and send it to you via email or the Web.

And, that's not all! You'll also learn how to:

  • Move PDFs in and out of PDFpen in iOS, so that you can fluidly share them between your Apple devices--Michael describes several approaches, including iCloud, iTunes, Dropbox, and Open In.
  • Get the most out of Apple's AutoSave and Versions features--or turn them off for PDFpen if you find them troublesome.
  • Scan a document to PDF, and make the text editable with OCR.
  • Print a PDF with its annotations appearing at the end.
  • Store frequently used items (like a logo or signature) in the PDFpen Library.
  • Turn a Web site into a multi-page PDF (PDFpenPro only).

An appendix describes the many useful AppleScripts that ship with PDFpen.

This ebook was created in collaboration with Smile, with PDFpen's developers tech editing the manuscript.

Table of Contents

  1. Read Me First
    1. Updates and More
    2. Basics
    3. What’s New in Take Control of PDFpen 6
  2. Introduction
  3. PDFpen Quick Start
  4. Get Your Hands on PDFpen
    1. Standard or Pro
    2. Smile or Mac App Store
    3. PDFpen for iPhone or iPad…or Both
  5. Learn about PDF Files
    1. A Short History of the PDF Format
    2. A Peek at What Is Inside
    3. On Having Realistic Expectations
  6. Understand the Tools
    1. Where to Find Tools
    2. The Selection Tools
    3. The Markup Tools
    4. The Drawing Tools
    5. The Form Creation Tools (Pro Feature)
    6. The Object Property Tools
    7. The Inspector
    8. The Library
  7. Navigate a PDF Document
    1. Display Pages
    2. Facing Pages
    3. Magnifying Pages
    4. Continuous vs. Non-continuous Page Display
    5. Navigate Pages
    6. Navigate with the Sidebar
    7. Navigate with Thumbnails
    8. Navigate with Search Results
    9. Navigate with Annotations
    10. Navigate with a Table of Contents
  8. Create a PDF
    1. Make PDFs from Scratch
    2. Print to PDF
    3. Import from Scans and Graphic Files
    4. Use a Scanner to Make a PDF
    5. Open Graphic Files as PDFs
    6. Use OCR on Scans and Graphic Files
    7. Combine Existing PDFs
    8. Make PDFs from HTML (Pro Feature)
    9. Make a PDF Table of Contents (Pro Feature)
  9. Take Notes on a PDF
    1. Highlight Text
    2. Highlight in Color
    3. Remove a Highlight
    4. Set a Custom Highlight Color
    5. Underline Passages
    6. Add Commentary
    7. Add Pop-up Notes
    8. Add Comment Boxes
    9. Print Notes and Comments
    10. Draw Attention
  10. Copyedit and Review a PDF
    1. Learn about Copyediting
    2. Use the Proofing Marks
    3. Learn the Copyediting Best Practices
    4. Learn about Review Practices
    5. Choose How to Circulate a Document
    6. Follow Best Review Practices
  11. Fill Out PDF Forms
    1. Fill Out an Interactive Form
    2. Fill Out a Non-Interactive Form
    3. Fill Out a Text Entry
    4. Fill Out a Checkbox
    5. Add a Scanned Signature
  12. Edit a PDF
    1. Add, Edit, and Remove Text
    2. Set Wrapping in a Text Imprint
    3. Change the Appearance of Text
    4. Correct or Remove Text on a Page
    5. Search and Replace or Redact Text
    6. Add and Alter Pictures
    7. Resize and Crop an Image
    8. Straighten and Adjust an Image
    9. Resample an Image
    10. Make a Transparent Image
    11. Rearrange, Rotate, and Crop Pages
    12. Rearrange Pages
    13. Rotate a Page
    14. Crop a Page
    15. Create Links
  13. Make an Interactive PDF Form (Pro Feature)
    1. Build a Form
    2. Make a Text Field
    3. Offer a Single Choice
    4. Make Checkboxes
    5. Offer Radio Button Choices
    6. Make a List
    7. Make a Submit Button
    8. Let PDFpenPro Build Your Form
    9. Polish the Layout
    10. Use a Grid
    11. Set the Tab Order
  14. Publish Your PDFs
    1. Save or Export Your PDFs
    2. Export as TIFF
    3. Export to Microsoft Word
    4. Save Securely
    5. Save with Quartz Filters
    6. Save with the Print Dialog
    7. Print Your PDFs
  15. Use PDFpen on iOS
    1. Find Tools and Commands
    2. Navigation Tools
    3. Editing Tools
    4. Get PDFs in and out of PDFpen on iOS
    5. Use My Documents with and without iCloud
    6. Send and Receive with Open In
    7. Use File Servers
    8. Set Up Syncing Folders
    9. Share with Your Computer
  16. Appendix A: The PDFpen AppleScripts
    1. The Scripts
    2. Where to Find the Scripts
  17. Learn More
  18. About This Book
    1. Ebook Extras
    2. About the Author
    3. About the Publisher
  19. Copyright and Fine Print
  20. Featured Titles