Take Control of Apple Mail in Tiger

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Suffering from email overload? Learn to work smart and solve problems in Apple Mail with Joe Kissell's practical advice!

Work more efficiently and avoid seemingly inexplicable problems in Apple's Mail program with the only book available about Apple Mail in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. Best-selling author Joe Kissell spent untold hours testing to understand how Mail in Tiger works and what to do when it doesn't act as expected. You'll learn about the different email protocols Mail supports, the best ways to set up new accounts, how to import messages and addresses, and how to manage Mail's parental controls. That's only the tip of the iceberg, as Joe next teaches you how to customize your incoming mail view for fast browsing of messages, control the styles you see in incoming messages, display slideshows of attached photos, reply to meeting invitations, find messages using Spotlight, and organize mail into smart mailboxes. Then, he turns to outgoing mail, showing you smart ways to address messages, tricks for sending attachments successfully, how to add clickable URLs, and what you need to know when using Mail's new HTML support. In addition, you'll find seven key bits of advice about rules, five ways to improve the Previous Recipients list used for spam filtering and address completion, and six suggestions for Spotlight-enabled smart mailboxes. If you're having trouble, Joe offers solutions to numerous problems, including what to do if you can't send or receive mail, step-by-step instructions for fixing damaged mailboxes, and how to make Spotlight see messages it isn't finding properly. An extensive glossary and 11-page resource list ensure that you'll have everything you need to know about Mail at your fingertips!

Read this ebook to learn the answers to questions such as:

  • What features are new in the Tiger version of Mail?

  • Can Mail download messages from Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo!, Gmail, and AOL?

  • How can I import messages and addresses from other email programs?

  • Why (and where!) did all of my IMAP mail suddenly disappear?

  • Is there a better or faster way to address my outgoing messages?

  • Is there a way to force Mail to display only plain text and not HTML?

  • Why isn't Spotlight finding messages that match my search terms?

  • How do I make a clickable link in an outgoing message?

  • Which folders should I copy to back up my email?

  • Are there third-party tools that extend Mail's capabilities?

Version info: This ebook covers Apple Mail 2.0, bundled with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Read Me First
    1. Basics
    2. What’s New in Version 1.1
  3. Introduction
  4. Quick Start to Controlling Apple Mail
  5. Set Up Your Accounts
    1. Account Setup Tips
    2. Import Email from Another Application
      1. Import your old messages
      2. Restore missing messages
      3. Clean up duplicates
    3. Import Addresses from Another Application
    4. Remove Extra Accounts
    5. Synchronize Mail Settings Using .Mac
    6. Manage Quota Limits
      1. IMAP, Exchange, and .Mac accounts
      2. POP accounts
    7. Configure and Use Parental Controls
      1. Set up parental controls
      2. Work with parental controls
  6. Learn about Email Protocols
    1. POP
      1. Delete messages on the server
      2. Delete local messages
    2. IMAP
      1. How IMAP works
      2. Mail’s IMAP annoyances
        1. Subscriptions
        2. Message deletion
    3. .Mac
      1. Check your .Mac junk mail settings
    4. Exchange
      1. When is Exchange not Exchange?
      2. Exchange vs. IMAP
    5. SMTP
      1. Port blocking
      2. SMTP authentication
  7. Read Incoming Messages
    1. Check Your Email
    2. List and View Your Messages
      1. Customize the toolbar
      2. Customize the message list
      3. Use (or hide) the preview pane
      4. Follow message threads
      5. Consolidate message lists
    3. Modify Fonts and Sizes
    4. Manage Incoming Message Formats
      1. If you prefer plain text
      2. If you prefer HTML without graphics
    5. Reply to Meeting Invitations
      1. Set up Address Book
      2. Process an invitation
      3. Process invitations from Outlook
    6. Work with Incoming Attachments
      1. Open attached files
      2. Manage attached photos
        1. Play a slideshow
        2. Add graphics to iPhoto
      3. Download (or not) attachments
  8. Address Addressing
    1. Choose and Learn an Addressing Method
      1. Put addresses in Address Book
      2. Address email with the Address Panel
      3. Address email with automatic address completion
      4. Use LDAP servers
    2. Access Hidden Address Fields
      1. Bcc
      2. Reply-To
    3. Sending Messages to Groups
    4. Handle Previous Recipients
      1. Clean up the Previous Recipients list
      2. Disable Previous Recipients
  9. Compose and Send Messages
    1. Decide on a Message Format
    2. Set Your Default Format
    3. Compose Plain Text Messages
    4. Compose HTML (Rich Text) Messages
    5. Add Clickable Links
      1. Adding clickable links to plain text messages
      2. Adding clickable links to HTML (rich text) messages
    6. Set Message Priorities
    7. Customize the New Message Window
    8. Personalize Messages with Signatures
    9. Send Messages
      1. Choose an account
      2. Save a draft
    10. Reply to Messages
      1. Choose reply options
      2. Work with quoted text
        1. Fix unwanted line breaks
        2. Manage quote characters in the left margin
    11. Add Attachments to Messages
      1. Guidelines
      2. Send graphical attachments
  10. Manage Your Mailboxes
    1. Mailbox Basics
      1. Special mailboxes
      2. Create a new mailbox
      3. How Mail organizes user-created mailboxes
      4. How mail organizes special mailboxes
    2. Multiple Users
    3. Optimize Your Envelope Index
    4. Fix a Damaged Mailbox
  11. Find Your Messages
    1. Perform a Basic Search
    2. Understand Mail’s Search Logic
      1. If you search in headers...
      2. If you search message content...
    3. Use Boolean Expressions
      1. AND
      2. OR
      3. NOT
      4. Parentheses
    4. Search Within Messages
    5. Search Metadata with MailTags
    6. Work Smarter with Smart Mailboxes
      1. Create a smart mailbox
      2. Smart mailbox suggestions
        1. Modifying smart mailboxes
        2. Making smart mailbox folders
  12. Automate Mail with Rules
    1. Create a Rule
    2. Use Multiple Conditions and Actions
    3. Rule Advice
    4. What Rules Can Do for You
      1. Process repetitive messages
      2. Highlight messages in your Inbox
      3. Zap stupid jokes
      4. Send automatic replies
    5. Advanced Rule Techniques
      1. Let Mail fill in conditions for you
      2. Add an “OR” condition for headers
      3. Use different actions for different conditions
    6. Rule Limitations and Workarounds
      1. Rules can’t apply to outgoing messages
      2. Rules can reference senders—but not recipients—as members of an Address Book group
      3. Rules stop when a message leaves your Inbox
      4. Mail always uses the entire list of rules
  13. Fix Email Transfer Problems
    1. Incoming Mail Problems
      1. User name and password errors (incoming mail)
      2. Connection errors
        1. Squiggles
        2. Bangs
        3. When all else fails
    2. Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Problems
      1. Server connection problems
      2. User name and password errors (outgoing mail)
      3. Other SMTP errors
  14. Back Up and Restore Your Email
  15. A. Software Sources
    1. Importing Tools
    2. Archiving Utilities
    3. Anti-Spam Software
    4. Encryption & Security Tools
    5. Notification Utilities
    6. Toolbar Beautifiers
    7. Other Mail Add-Ons
    8. Other Email Clients
    9. Bulk Email Applications
      1. HTML-capable
      2. Plain text only
  16. Glossary
  17. About This Book
    1. About the Author
    2. Shameless Plugs
    3. About the Publisher
    4. Production Credits
  18. Featured Titles

Product information

  • Title: Take Control of Apple Mail in Tiger
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: May 2007
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: None