Take Control of Syncing in Tiger

Book Description

Learn how to synchronize all your data between Macs, or with mobile phones, PDAs, and iPods!

Frustrated in your attempts to synchronize data between your Macs, or with other devices? Michael E. Cohen is here to help. With clear directions and a humorous touch, his 139-page Take Control of Syncing in Tiger walks you through tasks like syncing phone numbers between your Mac and mobile phone, iPod, or PDA; syncing files between your desktop and laptop Macs; and sharing Safari bookmarks and keychains between Macs. You'll learn what gear you need and the best ways to move your data between devices, whether your syncing software is built in to Tiger, works through .Mac, or comes from an independent Mac developer. Michael also explains how Apple's syncing model works under the hood, and when things don't work as expected, you'll appreciate his practical troubleshooting advice.
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Read this book to learn the answers to questions such as:

  • Can I sync Address Book with my mobile phone?

  • How does one best sync with a Palm these days?

  • Is .Mac a good way to sync files between Macs?

  • How can I most easily sync networked Macs?

  • What should I look for if my sync doesn't work the way I expect?

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Read Me First
    1. Basics
    2. What’s New in Version 1.2
    3. What Was New in Version 1.1
  3. Introduction
  4. Quick Start to Syncing
  5. A Briefing on Syncing
    1. Apple Syncing’s Evolution
    2. Apple’s Syncing Model
      1. The players
      2. The process
      3. Types of sync sessions
    3. The Elements of Syncing
      1. Syncing structured information
      2. Syncing files
    4. Syncing vs. Backups
  6. What You Can Sync
    1. The Information You Can Sync
    2. The Devices You Can Sync
      1. Syncing between Macs
      2. Syncing with Apple devices
      3. Syncing with anything else
    3. Choose How to Sync
  7. Connect Your Gear
    1. Connect over a Network
      1. .Mac
      2. Apple TV
        1. Wired Apple TV networking
        2. Wireless Apple TV networking
        3. After you connect the Apple TV
      3. Third-party utilities
    2. Connect with FireWire
      1. iPods and FireWire
      2. Connect two Macs with FireWire
    3. Connect with USB
      1. USB connectors
      2. Cradles and docks
      3. USB versions
      4. Power requirements
    4. Connect with Bluetooth
      1. Install and activate Bluetooth
      2. A brief Bluetooth backgrounder
        1. Speed and range
        2. Discovery
        3. Pairing
      3. Set up a Bluetooth device
        1. Set up a Bluetooth phone
        2. Set up a Palm device
  8. Sync an Apple Device with iTunes
    1. Set General Syncing Options
      1. About device-specific options
      2. Syncing automatically
      3. Syncing checked items
      4. Manually managing your music and videos
    2. Sync Music
    3. Sync Movies and TV Shows
      1. Syncing movies
        1. Movie syncing for video iPods
        2. Movie syncing for Apple TV
      2. Syncing episodes of TV shows
    4. Sync Podcasts
    5. Sync Photos
      1. iPods and full-resolution photos
      2. Apple TV syncing order and photos
    6. Sync Games on an iPod
    7. Sync Personal Information
      1. Turn on personal information syncing for iPods and iPhones
      2. Manage iPod information syncing
      3. Manage iPhone information syncing
        1. Syncing iPhone contacts
        2. Syncing iPhone calendars
        3. Syncing iPhone mail account settings
        4. Syncing iPhone bookmarks
      4. Reset iPhone synced information
  9. Sync a Handheld Device with iSync
    1. Add Phones
    2. Add Palm OS Devices
    3. Remove Devices
    4. Configure Device Sync Settings
    5. Reset Devices
    6. iSync Preferences
  10. Sync Another Mac with .Mac
    1. Choose What and When to Sync with .Mac
      1. The three faces of “Synchronize with .Mac”
      2. Sync by button or menu
    2. Reset Information
      1. Unregistering and registering Macs with .Mac
        1. Unregistering
        2. Registering
      2. Resetting your .Mac sync data
    3. Sync Files with iDisk
      1. How iDisk syncing works
      2. Turn on iDisk syncing
      3. What iDisk syncing syncs
      4. On the first iDisk sync
      5. Manage your iDisk
        1. When it syncs
        2. Manage storage
    4. Sync Contacts and Calendars
      1. Turn on contacts and calendars syncing
        1. With System Preferences
        2. With application preferences
      2. What contacts and calendars syncing syncs
      3. On the first contacts and calendars sync
    5. Sync Mail Settings
      1. Turn on Mail syncing
        1. With System Preferences
        2. With Apple Mail
      2. What Mail syncing syncs
        1. Mail Accounts
        2. Mail rules, signatures, and smart mailboxes
      3. On the first Mail settings sync
    6. Sync Keychains
      1. Turn on keychain syncing
      2. What keychain syncing syncs
      3. On the first keychain sync
    7. Sync Bookmarks
      1. Turn on bookmark syncing
      2. What bookmark syncing syncs
      3. On the first bookmark sync
    8. Sync Other Stuff with .Mac
      1. Turn syncing on
      2. What stuff syncs
      3. On the first sync
    9. Share Synced Information with .Mac
      1. Address Book sharing
      2. Use your Safari bookmarks anywhere
      3. Share files with the iDisk Public folder
        1. Set up your Public iDisk folder
        2. Access a Public iDisk folder
  11. The Conflict Resolver
  12. Sync with Third-Party Software
    1. Sync Handheld Devices with Third-Party Software
      1. Add plug-ins to iSync
        1. Where to get plug-ins
        2. Install an iSync plug-in
      2. Substitutes for iSync
        1. Mark/Space
        2. PocketMac
    2. Sync iPods with Third-Party Software
    3. Sync with .Mac Substitutes
      1. SyncTogether
      2. SpyMac
    4. Sync Files with Third-Party Applications
      1. Make connections
      2. Review file-syncing applications
      3. Pick a file-syncing application
    5. Sync Entourage
      1. Sync Entourage Calendars and Contacts
        1. Turn on Entourage calendar and address book syncing
        2. How Entourage calendar and address book syncing works
      2. Sync Entourage Notes
        1. Turn on Entourage Notes syncing
        2. How Entourage Notes syncing works
      3. Entourage and Exchange
      4. Entourage calendar syncing quirks
    6. Sync Address Book with Microsoft Exchange
  13. Lost in Translation
    1. Compatibility Strategies Used by Tiger’s Sync Services
    2. Compatibility Strategies You Can Use
      1. An iCal testing strategy
      2. An Address Book testing strategy
      3. After the testing
  14. Synchronize Yourself
    1. Go with the Flow
    2. Choose a Master
    3. Be Regular
    4. Clean Up after Yourself
    5. Play It Safe
    6. Start Small
  15. A. A Shot at Troubleshooting
    1. Scrutinize Common Troublemakers
      1. Check connections
        1. Is everything plugged in?
        2. Is everything turned on?
        3. Is everything operating?
      2. Deal with corruptions
        1. Regroup
        2. Diagnose the cause
      3. System updates
      4. Bugs and other misunderstandings
    2. Practice Basic Troubleshooting Techniques
      1. Check the experts
        1. Make Web searches
        2. Visit a few sites of great value
        3. Consult the Apple Knowledge Base
      2. Create a new account
      3. Back up and reset
        1. Back up
        2. Reset
  16. About This Book
    1. About the Author
    2. Author’s Acknowledgments
    3. About the Publisher
    4. Production Credits
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  • Title: Take Control of Syncing in Tiger
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: May 2007
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: None