Take Control of What’s New in Word 2004: Advanced Editing & Formatting

Book description

Work more effectively on your Mac by learning nitty-gritty details about Word 2004's new features!

Under Matt Neuburg's expert guidance, you'll get help with the complex changes in Word's editing and formatting features. You'll learn the hidden rules that govern smart buttons and animated blue underlines and find out how to take advantage of new style features, including table and list styles. Matt also explains how to type special characters and teaches you three techniques for entering frequently used characters. Anyone relying on Unicode or unusual fonts needs Matt's real-world help and explanation of why fonts may not work as expected, including four solutions to common problems with old fonts. Finally, Matt explains in detail how you can use the new comment and revision tracking features most effectively.

Companion volume! This ebook is the second of a two-volume set. The 73-page Take Control of What's New in Word 2004 helps with installation (including advice on handling the 80 fonts that Word installs); looks at what's new with AppleScript; and explains the Navigation pane, the Toolbox, and Notebook view.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Read Me First
    1. Onscreen Reading Tips
    2. Printing Tips
    3. Basics
  3. Introduction
  4. Quick Start to Advanced Editing and Formatting
  5. New Editing and Formatting Features
  6. Typing and Editing
    1. AutoCorrect Smart Buttons
      1. Automatic bulleted lists
      2. Replace text as you type
      3. Smart button inconsistencies
    2. Paste Options Smart Buttons
      1. Paste options: another application
      2. Paste options: no paragraph mark
      3. Paste options: paragraph mark, same document
      4. Paste options: paragraph mark, style clash
      5. Other uses of paste options
      6. How to deal with paste options
    3. Numbered List Smart Buttons
    4. Reformatting Lists
  7. Working with Styles
    1. The Style Dialog
    2. Styles and the Formatting Palette
      1. Detect extra character traits
      2. Find matching formatting
      3. Other Formatting Palette features
    3. Table Styles
      1. Try out table styles
      2. Create a table style
      3. Additional features and limitations of table styles
    4. List Styles
      1. How to see the list styles
      2. Create a list style
      3. Use a list style
      4. Problems with list styles
  8. Entering Special Characters
    1. Use the Character Palette
    2. Enter Frequently Used Special Characters
      1. Use a keyboard layout
      2. Use numeric input
      3. Use AutoText
  9. Unicode Support in Detail
    1. Understand How Unicode Fonts Work
    2. Dealing with Problem Legacy Fonts
    3. Character codes and glyphs
    4. Encodings
    5. What can go wrong
    6. Solutions
    7. Be Careful with the Symbol Font
    8. Be Aware of Word’s Unicode Shortcomings
    9. Display Problems Caused by Word Fonts
  10. Using Markup
    1. The Balloons
    2. The Reviewing Toolbar
    3. The Reviewing Pane
    4. How to View Markup
    5. How to Deal with Markup
    6. Revision-Level Document Protection
    7. Other Markup Security
  11. Resources
  12. About This Ebook
    1. About the Author
    2. Author’s Acknowledgments
    3. Shameless Plug
    4. Take Control Ebooks
    5. About the Publisher
    6. Production Credits

Product information

  • Title: Take Control of What’s New in Word 2004: Advanced Editing & Formatting
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: May 2007
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 1933671246