Make the Most of Maps

Maps has numerous features that, while they may not be immediately obvious, can be incredibly useful. The following list covers the majority of these features.

Use Search More Effectively

To search, tap the "Search or Address" box at the top of the screen and enter the desired text. However, you needn't enter a full name and address. You can just use keywords. Want to know the location of every Peet's Coffee & Tea in San Francisco? Just type: Peet's San Francisico and tap the Search button (Figure 10-3). Even better, if you already are showing a map of San Francisco, just type Peet's.

A Maps screen showing the results of a search for Peet's stores in San Francisco (note the text in the Search box at the top of the screen). Each red pin indicates a found location.

Figure 10-3. A Maps screen showing the results ...

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