Publish Your PDFs

A PDF that’s on your hard drive only is a lonely thing: it wants to go out into the world and meet people. It was born to go out into the world. If you love your PDFs, let them go.

You can make your PDFs public (because that’s what “publish” means in the broadest sense) in many ways, including:

  • Emailing them

  • Posting them on the web

  • Printing them on your printer

  • Sending them to a professional print service

  • Sending them to your publisher as camera-ready copy

With the exception of printing them on your printer, all of these start with saving or exporting your PDF in one way or another.

So let’s start there, too.

Save or Export Your PDFs

When you create or modify a PDF with PDFpen, sooner or later you are going to save it. You ...

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