Take Control of Pages, 3rd Edition

Book description

Unlock the power of Pages for Mac and iPad!
Version 3.0, updated January 12, 2021

Discover how to make the most out of Pages! In this fully revised third edition, Michael E. Cohen digs deep into Pages, unearthing the nuggets of knowledge you need to make your work shine. Create complex documents of all sorts on your Mac or iPad, sync them via iCloud, and share them with other people.

Apple’s Pages word processor is a big, rich app with hundreds of features tucked away in nooks and crannies, making Michael E. Cohen’s comprehensive book an essential resource for newbies and experts alike. Whether you prefer to dive into the details or get quick help with a particular feature, this book has got you covered.

In this massively revised third edition, Michael expands his already extensive guide, detailing all the significant changes Apple has made to Pages since the last version of the book was released, including support for macOS 11 Big Sur and iPadOS 14. Among many other new and updated features, learn about adding drop caps to paragraphs, adding titles and captions to objects, using shared iCloud folders with Pages, and importing iBooks Author projects; and on an iPad, discover how to view two documents at once, use the new reading view, and enter handwritten text.

Note: This edition of the book focuses primarily on the Mac and iPad versions of Pages, although it does cover the iPhone/iPod touch and web versions of the app to a limited extent.

With Michael’s help, you can navigate Pages like a pro. You'll also learn how to:

  • Find all the tools you need, whether on a Mac or an iPad
  • Do everyday word processing, including working with fonts, tabs, indents, rulers, search and replace, spell checking, and more
  • Format longer, more complex documents, with customized headers, footers, page numbers, tables of content, footnotes, and section breaks
  • Manage styles, including paragraph styles, character styles, list styles, and object styles
  • Create your own templates, complete with master objects
  • Master the many multi-touch gestures in iPadOS that give you pinpoint control over page elements
  • Include complex tables and charts and make them look exactly the way you want
  • Customize layout and manipulate graphics like a pro
  • Collaborate with others in real time using iCloud
  • Share your documents across devices, using Mac, iPad, iPhone/iPad touch, or almost any web browser

Table of contents

  1. Read Me First
    1. Updates and More
    2. What’s New in This Edition
    3. A Note on the Transient Nature of Software
  2. Introduction
  3. Take Control of Pages Quick Start
  4. Get Started
    1. Find the App
    2. Set Up an iCloud Connection
  5. Where Is Everything?
    1. Learn the Mac Landmarks
    2. Learn the iPad Landmarks
  6. Adjust Your Document View
    1. Zoom Your Text
    2. Use Two-Page View
    3. Darken It
  7. Use a Pencil with Your iPad
    1. Set Up Your Pencil
    2. Choose to Draw or Scribble
    3. Make Smart Annotations
  8. Create a New Document
    1. Create a New Document on a Mac
    2. Create a New Document on an iPad
  9. Open an Existing Document
    1. Open Pages Documents on a Mac
    2. Open Pages Documents on an iPad
    3. Navigate in iCloud Drive
  10. Save, Move, Rename, and Delete Documents
    1. Save, Move, Rename, and Delete Documents on a Mac
    2. Save, Move, Rename, and More on an iPad
  11. Choose Fonts
    1. Choose Fonts on a Mac
    2. Choose Fonts on an iPad
  12. Set Paragraph Layouts
    1. Set Paragraph Layouts on a Mac
    2. Set Paragraph Layouts on an iPad
  13. Add Breaks, Numbers, Links, Notes, and More
    1. Add Breaks
    2. Add Dynamic Numbers
    3. Add and Use Links and Bookmarks
    4. Add Notes
    5. Add Equations
  14. Search, Replace, and Correct Text
    1. Search, Replace, and Correct Text on a Mac
    2. Search, Replace, and Correct Text on an iPad
  15. Use and Manage Styles
    1. Choose a Style
    2. Create Styles
    3. Handle Style Overrides
    4. Organize Your Styles
    5. Copy and Paste Styles
  16. Organize Your Work
    1. Use Sections
    2. Use Lists (and List Styles)
    3. Make Tables of Contents
  17. Learn Layout Possibilities
    1. Set Page Size and Layout
    2. Create Columns
    3. Use Guides with Rulers
    4. Arrange Objects on the Page
    5. Use Placeholders and Master Objects
    6. Use Page Layout Documents
  18. Add All Sorts of Objects
    1. Use Text Boxes
    2. Use Shapes and Lines
    3. Add Titles and Captions to Objects
    4. Draw Objects on an iPad
    5. Use Media
    6. Change How Basic Objects Look
    7. Use Dynamic Objects
  19. Try Templates
    1. Explore the Templates
    2. Make and Manage Your Own Templates
  20. Be a Collaborator
    1. Get Ready to Share
    2. Start to Share
    3. Collaborate in Real Time
    4. Comment and Track Changes
  21. Import and Export Your Work
    1. Import Other Document Formats
    2. Export in Other Formats
  22. About This Book
    1. Ebook Extras
    2. About the Author
    3. About the Publisher
  23. Copyright and Fine Print

Product information

  • Title: Take Control of Pages, 3rd Edition
  • Author(s): Michael E. Cohen
  • Release date: January 2021
  • Publisher(s): Take Control Books
  • ISBN: 9781947282018